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Hey everyone. First and foremost, we hope you are all well during these crazy times.

As states begin to open up and bars begin hosting poker again, we wanted to review a few changes we have implemented for the remainder of the current season.

First, please visit the PLAYER UPDATE PAGE to understand the changes from a player's perspective. The items below will then make a bit more sense. :)


Thanks so much for all you do for the venues, players, and of course, the league. And if you choose to wait to come back, we understand completely and ask that you help in finding a (temporary) replacement.

Thank you again everyone!


Please be sure to 'reintroduce' yourself with the venue's management team and review the different guidelines they would like to implement.


  • Are they implementing the No Loitering rule?

  • How many players per table? 

  • Is there a max number of players?

  • How do they want to handle any unruly customers?

This is just a great way to build a stronger relationship with the venue to get even more of their support.


All the same rules apply as usual with a few new guidelines:

Customer Agreements - Before the game, please place a customer agreement at each available seat at the poker table (some venues may be only 4 or 5 to a table). Before a player can receive their chips, they must first sign the agreement and return it to you. You do not need to do anything with these; the agreement is simply a way to ensure the players are acknowledging the new guidelines. NOTE: Pads of agreements will be mailed to the venues, But there is also a printable sheet at the bottom of this page.

Announcements - Please review the customer agreement and guidelines. As well, please be sure to acknowledge the Servers - these folks have been hit with some of the biggest financial setbacks. Let's be sure to support them!

Sanitizing - Please recruit some players to assist in making sure the table covers and supplies are sanitized before (and even in between) games.

Sanitizer (As A Dealer Button) - A poker room in Florida is using bottles of hand sanitizer as the dealer button. Each time you are on the button, you must sanitize. What a great idea!

Starting Chip Stacks - If your game is much smaller to start, considering giving up to 2 times the 10,000 in starting chips to allow for more play.

Bonus Chips - These DO NOT CHANGE. The same bonus chip program will remain in place. 

Blind Times - You can also extend blind times based on the size of your crowd. But please be sure to keep the blind times consistent from beginning to end.

Break (In Between Games) - Because we are asking players to use forks (no finger food) during the game, consider a short break so players can eat and support the venue even more.

Player Issues - This is very important! We understand many people are going through tough times right now, but we now have a zero-tolerance policy for poor behavior. If you encounter this, FIRST, give the player a warning. If it continues, PLEASE BE SURE to inform someone from the bar and allow them to ask the player to leave. If a player is asked to leave, you may give them a 1-week suspension from the game at that bar with the approval of management. 

Short-Staffed - Please keep in mind that we are very short staffed right now. So please, handle as much as you can with management at the bar level. Please do not call or text Scooty, or Facebook message us, UNLESS it is an emergency. Thanks for your understanding during this time.

If you do need something from us, we are always available by email at

Customer Agreement.png

Pads of agreements will be mailed to the bar as they open.

THANK YOU! We truly appreciate all that you do for the league and for your players & venues. Let's get ready to have some fun!


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