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Wow...what a crazy time right now in the world. The good news is we are starting to take steps to getting back to normal. This means being able to get back to our poker family and supporting our venues.

Due to the Covid-19 circumstances, we have had to make a number of changes to the league. These changes not only improve safety, but also to support the league as a business, our venue's businesses, and our players as it relates qualifications and rankings.

Please know that there is no perfect solution to this unique situation, so please read and watch with an open mind and the idea that we are all grateful to get back playing a game we love with our poker family.

Thanks so much,

Mike Matsinger & The Entire World Tavern Team


Please keep in mind that the changes listed below are for the remainder of the current season which ends on August 9th. We will post updates for the following season. Thank you again for your understanding of the need for these changes.



Customers Only

Please remember that the venues pay to host World Tavern Poker as a way to drive in more customers. As well, most have a NO LOITERING POLICY which will be shown with an icon on the league schedule. These businesses and their staff have been hit hard financially. Please show your thanks and support for them as a poker customer.

Behavior Policy

We have instructed our venues and Tournament Directors that a Zero Tolerance will be implemented for bad behavior moving forward. This includes but is not limited to: foul language, loud outbursts, and berating other players, staff, or TD's. Remember, most of these venues are at a limited capacity. So if you are taking away from the spirit of the game, you will be asked to leave and subject to further suspension from the bar (and possibly the league).

Health & Safety

In order to provide a safe an environment as possible, we have suggested the following guidelines in the next section to be put in place during tournaments. PLEASE keep in mind that each state's laws and guidelines differ. If there is a rule or guideline in place that supersedes our suggestions, please follow it.

Signed Agreements

In order to participate in any tournament, each player will be required to sign their acknowledgment of these new policies. 

No Loitering Icon.png
Customer Agreement.png


Limited Seating Adjustments

Most venues will have limited seating for poker which means that seats will be available on a first to register policy. As well:

  • Online Registration will open no more than 24 hours prior to the tournament (sometimes as little as 2 hours prior) as a way to ensure that those who register do plan to attend.

  • 15 Minute Early Arrival - If you are not at the venue and checked in 15 minutes prior to the tournament, your seat may be given away to walk-ins.

  • Supporting The Staff - The venue's staff is not only working hard for you, but many are also putting themselves in harm's way by serving you. Show your support for them through your behavior and your tipping. 15%-20% is the standard and we know we are all well above the standard!  Be Generous!

  • Tournament Structures - You may see adjustments to starting stacks and blind times and this will vary from venue to venue. Please understand that each venue is a unique situation so be open-minded to what they have decided to implement.

  • TOC Icons On Schedules - You will notice that the TOC Icons are no longer on the schedule because as of 2018, ALL VENUES are now TOC so no need to highlight that anymore.

  • WTP ONLINE - YES! WTP Online will be a permanent fixture to our leagues and we are excited to announce some very cool stuff in a few weeks!  

Staying Healthy

It is our social responsibility to be respectful of other people's health. Please do your part.

  • If You Are Sick, Please Stay Home - Please be socially conscious to others around you. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. There's always next week to play.

  • Use A Fork -We ask that you use a fork or other appropriate utensils while eating during the game. Please do not eat with your hands during the game.

  • Share Your Sanitizer - If you have sanitizer, please bring and share. One great idea is to use a Sanitizer Bottle as a dealer button and each time you have the button, you need to sanitize!

  • Wash Hands Often - 20 seconds each time, before and in between games. And of course, whenever you use the bathroom. 

  • Help Us Sanitize - Please lend a hand before, between, and after games sanitizing the table covers and keeping the area clean.

  • Respect The Guidelines And Other Patrons - We have seen it in public: everyone is keeping their distance and then there is that ONE PERSON who doesn't follow guidelines and ruins it for everyone. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! Everyone should still be maintaining the appropriate social distancing whenever possible, and please follow the guidelines enforced by the venue and your Tournament Director.



Ok, this might be a bit confusing, so please read carefully. Because venues will begin playing again at different times, we have decided to make the majority of qualifications at the bar level. This ensures everyone is competing on a level playing field. Please note that there will be NO MAKE-UP GAMES as we have given venues full credit for the weeks they paid for but could not run.

As well, players who were ranked at the adjusted qualified levels BEFORE the shutdown will qualify AND the players who are ranked at these levels at the end of the season will ALSO QUALIFY.  


  • No Minimum Games Required to compete in your Tavern Championship HOWEVER you must have a ranking (above 0 points).

  • Prizes Will Be Limited due to financial restrictions of the season. We will provide more details once we have them. 

  • No Mid-Season Championships as there were not enough games played.


  • No Regional Championships for the current season as there are simply too many challenges with dates, venues, and social distancing guidelines. We will however host a large online event allowing more players to qualify for the National Championships.  Also, if your Region was unable to host a Championship Event last season due to the shutdown, we will do our best to reschedule them IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.


  • Top 3 Ranked Players at your venue will qualify for the NATIONAL FINALS in Las Vegas.

  • Top 10% Ranked Regionally will also qualify for the NATIONAL FINALS in Las Vegas.

NOTE: The monthly WTP Online bars WILL COUNT in these qualifications as well!


  • Players Ranked 4-10 at your venue will qualify for the NATIONAL SEMI FINALS in Las Vegas.

  • 11%-30% Ranked Regionally will also qualify for the NATIONAL SEMI FINALS in Las Vegas.

NOTE: The monthly WTP Online bars WILL COUNT in these qualifications as well!


We know there are going to be more questions. In the meantime, please bear with us and do remember that we are very short-staffed right now. We truly appreciate everyone's patience during this challenging time!

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