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Hey everyone, as states start to reopen, we wanted to put together a page of guidelines and suggestions so we are all on the same page. The biggest challenge I foresee (other than getting back to full revenue) will be in communication.

Please remember that our team is still not back full time so we appreciate your patience as we try to respond and complete the requested tasks.

The great news is that as areas are opening, they seem to be calling to get poker back pretty quickly. Now it's our job to communicate our changes and how we are going to help them through these challenging times.

Thanks so much,

Mike & the entire World Tavern Team


Almost Please read through ALL OF THE LINKS/PAGES below so we are all on the same page and sharing the same information.


Please Send All Emails To

  • Almost the entire team will get copied on these and it allows us to all be on the same page.

  • Please put in the subject line The Bar Name and Team Member you want it to go to. For example "Bucks Billiards for Tavares". This way the person who NEEDS to read it won't ignore it.

  • Please use bullets!  Some of us can be a little too descriptive in our emails which means the actual task or question sometimes gets lost. Keep it short and sweet with lots of bullets :)

You MUST Use The Venue Restart Form

  • We have created a form which provides us the details for each venue's restart including dates, billing, credits, set up, and more.

  • BE SURE to enter the Venue's name EXACTLY as it is in the system. By doing this it will automatically update our new CRM so everyone in-house will have access to the information.

  • MUST ENTER A NEXT BILL DATE so that it creates a series of tasks for the team.

  • Please complete the form in its entirety and do not complete the form until you have personally communicated with the owner and gotten this information.

  • The form is designed for Poker - if the venue is Trivia as well, you can add that info into the Notes section.


  • Contacting The Venue - This means the owner or manager, NOT the TD and gather the information needed for the restart.  A phone call is the best approach.

  • Complete The Restart Form - Once this is done we can start putting things in motion.

  • Activate The Venue - Once we have confirmation on the restart and billing, please reactivate the venue and update their schedule

  • Marketing, Marketing, and More Marketing - Let's be sure we are doing everything we can to get the word out that the venue is reopening :)


Please be sure to 'reintroduce' yourself with the venue's management team and review the different guidelines they would like to implement.


  • Break the bread, how are they doing?

  • Explain the credits and discount for June

  • Are they implementing the No Loitering rule?

  • How many players per table? 

  • Is there a max number of players?

  • How do they want to handle any unruly customers?

  • Do they need a discount to get them started sooner?

This is just a great way to build a stronger relationship with the venue to get even more of their support.

THANK YOU! Let's all work together to help our customers, and the company, get back to where we were before the shutdown. #WeGotThis

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