Put together your best 6 poker player friends and compete against World Tavern Poker teams across the country for the ultimate bragging rights!


We debuted this last season and it was a great success. So much so that we will be bringing it back for Season 1 2016! So stay tuned...who's going to be on your team?





Although we are not going to have this for Season 2 2015/16, we are planning on bringing it back for Season 1 2016! Thank you to all of the great teams and TD's that helped make this a great success. And stay tuned - we will have more news soon!


In 2006, a group of World Tavern Poker Players out of Maryland put together a group they called 'Deez Nutz Poker'


What started out as 'bragging rights' for these players grew into 'Deez Nutz NC', Beltway Bandits (oy oy oy), 'All The Right Moves', 'Evolution', Final Table Posse (FTP), Hit Squad, Bungalow Nation, The BullDawgz and more!


We loved the concept and have decided to add this to the regular World Tavern Poker rankings, ultimately for additional prizes and of course big time bragging rights!


So, is your team the best in the country?

How It Works


Stay tuned!



Each team must come up with a name and is made up of 6 players maximum. You can have less but 5-6 is the ideal number to compete for the top rankings.



Your team name can be creative but must be appropriate. That means PG-13 rating or better :)   Any team name deemed inappropriate will be flagged so play nice!





To register your team, YOU MUST send an email to Players@WorldTavernPoker.com with the subject line 'Team Poker Registration'.


In the email please include your Team Name and Roster of up to 6 players with the following information for each;


  • First & Last Name

  • WTP Username

  • Email Address

  • State


NOTE: Once your roster is submitted you can not make any changes, so DO NOT submit your roster until you are ready!



Players can only be registered with one team, no exceptions.  Any player caught using multiple usernames or other trickery (yes I did just use that word lol) will be disqualified from all teams they are on and those teams can not replace that player.  PLAY NICE!



Teams can have players from other regions or states if they would like. There is no disadvantage to doing this and it's a great way to stay connected with poker friends you have met at The OPEN.

Scoring & Rankings

We have developed a system that somewhat follows the way we are all used to and also minimizes any type of collusion or confusion. 


Here is how it works:


  • Each WEEK the system will take the TOP SCORE from each player on your team.


  • The system will DROP your TOP and BOTTOM score and take the average of the 4 scores left. This will be your Team’s WEEKLY SCORE.


  • The average of your Team’s Top 15 Weekly Scores will give you your Team Ranking


  • As with our current leaderboards, you will see rankings after just one week played.



Make sense?  We thought so :)


The Teams Photo Gallery
The Prizes

This will be all about the bragging rights...so let the smack talking begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a player isn't able to play on a certain week?

That player's score would then be considered zero for that week which would be your lowest, therefore it would be dropped.


What if a player on our team stops playing during the season?

Sorry, no changes can be made to your roster once it has been submitted.


I saw it said team logos, do we need one?


No, but it could be a lot of fun to create one!


Got another question?  Just email us at Players@WorldTavernPoker.com

Creating Team T-Shirts & Using the WTP Logo

So you want to design a T-shirt for your team using the World Tavern Poker logo. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOING SO!


We love the concept, but need to make sure the WTP Brand is being represented properly, so please just get approval from us.  It's easy.


Please email MikeM@WorldTavernEntertainment.com before printing any t-shirts with the WTP logo on them.


Use the logo to the right when designing your t-shirt. You can save it to your computer by clicking the logo to expand it, and then right-clicking the bigger image and choosing 'Save Image As'.

S1-2015 Team Names and Rosters

**Use Ctrl+F on your keyboard to find team and player names**

Quad Squad

Bob carrion NJ

Scott konigsberg NJ

Amy brix NJ

Jose nunes NJ

George brix NJ

Megan giglio NJ


Flaming Blue Monkeys

Paul Stulberger NJ

Kate Talerico NJ

Brian Brown NJ

Joe Mazzola NJ

Maria Negron NJ

Michael Prundl NJ


Smooth Criminals

Duane Repasy PA

William Cleveland PA

Lou Pilch PA


Rick Martin PA

Anna Young PA


Mighty Dux

Billy Orcutt NJ

Tracey Orcutt NJ

Eric Stuve NJ

Breck Schwartz WI

Edward Moser NJ

Michael minnella NJ


Six Shades of Grey

Ricky Kowlessar NJ

Indy Kowlessar NJ

Jon Milochik NJ

Toniann Bernardo NJ

Sophie Stulberger NJ

Beast Callari NJ


Poker Princesses

Debbie DiDio MI

Sharon Trammel MI

Angela Robbins MI

Catherine Summer MI

Anna Samuels MI

Carolyn Drew MI


Cranky Yankees

Andy Bertrand MA

CoryCallabretta RI

Jessica Westmorland RI

Lauren Forest RI

Dwight Williams RI

Hank Lopes RI


Poker Jokers-NC

Doug Thomas NC

Pam Godwin NC

Dave Hunter NC

Shea Dyer NC

Larry Miller NC

Anthony Depaolo NC


Poker Posse

Stephanie Mangum MI

Gary Eisman MI

Brian Krywko MI

John Corless MI

Gwen Pranis MI

William (Bill) Leach MI



John Rhodes Sr MD

Danny Moffat MD

Donald Coleman MD

Jaqueline Pinnix MD

Linda Silver MD

BK Harrod-Thomas MD


Go Team Eternal Pam Nation

Pamela Richmond NJ

CorrieLenardo NJ

John Filipek NJ

Kim Capasso NJ

John Bittner NJ

Daniel Francisco NJ


Goat's Galore

Perry Baumgardner NC

Shane Humphries NC

John Jenson NC

Russell Holden NC

Matthew Montgomery NC

Benny Hoover NC


The Unit

Wanda Walters MD

Chester Benjamin MD

Legend Jordan MD

Todd Tranham MD

Keith Foradori MD

Billy Mclean MD


Donkey's With Canoli's

John Schondek NJ

MaryJane Schondek NJ

AJ Brown NJ

Florence Gaug NJ

Paul Doucette NJ

Nancy Doucette NJ


Sexy Six

Maria Taylor NJ

Dennis Taylor NJ

Donna Dickler NJ

KC Conforth NJ

Thomas Spano NJ

Frank Rosner NJ


Duffy's Bluffy's

Dillon Daniel OR

Adam Brings OR

Matthew Collins OR

Jaye Tyler OR

Nick Miller OR

Jeff Kirchem OR



Diane Hauselt NJ

Katherine Duke NJ

Bernard Kruppa NJ

Michael Barfield NJ

Debra Szeszko NJ

Jesse Blajek NJ


Riverboat Captain's

David Nault NJ

Dan Strydio NJ

Brian Switaj NJ

Evelyn Cook NJ

Frank Zaitz NJ

Marie Shank NJ

Six Stacks of High Society

Mike BlockMI

Chris FullerMI

Dave BonomoMI

Derrick marshallMI

Kristof SkotakMI

Robert RoseMI


Bullfrog's BS'ers

Sherry AtyeoMI

Sandy YorkMI

Bruce ClaycombMI

Ruth DouglasMI

Ron WoodMI

Jim PearceMI



Terri WrightNJ

Bill WrightNJ

Lex WilkinsonPA

Bill DillmanPA

Jim MatthewsPA

Shawn CousinsPA


Queen K's Kings

Kristin AtkinsonNJ

Ian SemmelNJ

Jim HillikerPA

Walt SwortPA

Jeffrey S. PochPA

Carlos RodriguesPA


Baltimore Poker Queen

Toria "Ree" SimmonsMD

Jo-El Estep SimmonsMD

Shanay MayoMD

Constance GregoryMD

Jacqualine BeverlyMD

Geralyn BooneMD


High Society

Jim AndersonMD

Chris ByasMD

Dan WilcoxMD

Robert KeeleyMD

Butch RupertMD

Rodney SamsMD


Dream Team

Michael BaseliceMD

Ellen BaseliceMD

Orin WilliamsMD

Butch EvansMD

Brandon LyonsMD

RL PaigeMD


Maryland South Dudes

Larry Robey SrMD

Ray PillardMD

Thomas CadyMD

Carl MusserMD

Kevin ChampmanMD

Daril ZednikMD


Jesse's Gang

Jesse LawrenceNC

Cathy LawrenceNC

Cindy WillmanNC

Daniel O'ClareNC

Chris KayserNC

Jim CostenNC


Monday Mauruder's

Geoff SutherlandOR

Jason RickerdOR

Charie ReigelOR

Mike McAllisterOR

Jason LuskOR

Finamarie DimaseOR



Dave SinghNJ

Lary LapczynskiNJ

Steve VogelNJ


Nick MagnocavalloNJ

Al ShapiroNJ


We Need More Bullets!

Stephen JamesNC

Danny StricklandNC

Jerry JordanNC

John MasonNC

Keith RobertsNC

Eileen StricklandNC


The Virginia Huckleberries

Barrie CryanVA

Patty AllenVA

Virginia FrostVA

Ron FrostVA

Jerry RoachVA

Wayne PruettVA


Poker Divas

Jewel Williams-RhodesMD

Jean KrexMD

Rochelle JohnsonMD

Sherri CampbellMD

Felicia ShearinMD

Chiquita SmallwoodMD



Rick HallMD

Steve WannallMD

John KlipsichMD

Robert MauroMD

Susan SpeissMD

Shawn WingardMD


The Beach Originals

Doug HullMD

Susan HullMD

Jim ByrdMD

Tim HarmonMD

Nancy HallMD

Scott EngelMD


FTP Girl Power

jane RobeyMD

Robin MusserMD

Sheryl DorseyMD

Eileen Joseph-CadyMD

Tracy ChapmanMD

Clara MusserMD


Old Timers

Andy MartinezNM

Eileen MartinezNM

Ray WolfNM

Sharon WolfNM

Patrick HenleyNM

Laurie HenleyNM

Slow Play

Jason PohlNM

Brianna SanchezNM

Charles Nitty CarterNM

Keenan McAleesNM

Tina DriggersNM

Kelly EskewNM


Ask For It on the River

Derrick LeachNM

Rory LaMarrNM

Jerry BustamanteNM

Anthony RomeroNM

Michael OwensNM

Marco MeloNM



Dustin AndersonNC

Dylan AndersonNC

Sammi BiswasNC

Thomas GidlowNC

Sonia RexerNC

Kevin SmithNC


B613 Assassins

Mike McNairMD

lawrence BanksMD

Monique BnaksMD

Cliff ApplegateMD

Patrick CaveyMD

Eugene metts JrMD



Sherri AsbergNJ

Doris McCarrickNJ

Jim CritesNJ

Brian ColwellNJ

John LaboyNJ

Kim SpragueNJ


A Shore Thing

Felicia DullNJ

Kajal DesaiNJ

Joseph EiseleNJ

Susan PasquiniNJ

Arthur KorthNJ

Gerry MyersNJ


The UnSuited's

Jack FelicioNJ

Bill GodwinNJ

Bob BarnettNJ

Bob GilbertNJ

Nick MeliNJ

Dale WarminghamNJ


Poker Puppies

Susan Restauri MD

Emily Wilcox MD

Dreama Swank MD

Deborah Hawkins MD

MJ Francis MD

Shirley Valencia MD


The Nutz

Anne Black NJ

Sue Beaudrow NJ

Joan Carbone NJ

Grace Sabini NJ

Jesse Santagello NJ

Maureen Weber NJ


The Goonies

Kevin Martin NC

Chad Wells NC

Rad McClendon NC

Bob Rivicki NC

Evan Thurbee NC

Lamar Gaines NC


Pardon My Nutz

Brian Muha PA

Luann Speranzo PA

Bob Speranzo PA

Mike Richards PA

Gerry Novak PA

Debbie Kilfoil PA


Suck Out Anonymous

Chris Stanukenas PA

Ed Del Valle PA

Mike Hess PA

Kelly Hess PA

Alpha Grinion PA

Luke Espisito PA



Monica Christian MD

Mike Booth MD

James Holland MD

Patrick Adams MD

Angie Johnson MD

Nakia Waters MD


Sooted Aces

Dave Keefer NC

Star Reid NC

Deby Jedrey NC

Rick Anderson NC

Kristin Cuthrell NC

Gary Nicosia NC


Kings & Queens of Rockland

Dave     Nance NY

jeanette Previdi NY

Adam Travan NY

Lisa Benvenuta NY

keith Sweitzer NY

Olivia Dardy NY


Royally Flushed

John Snyder NY

Bill Woodard NY

Fred Ashby NY

Mikeheagerty NY

Jason Dalaba NY

Mike Cornish NY


Aces Full With a Wild Card

Chris Rhew NC

Ginger Moser NC

Diane Hurlbet NC

Penny Zagami NC

Scott Booth NC

Dave Anderson NC


Dain Bramage

Jessica Carter NY

Michael Carter NY

Sheila Lombardo NY

Bill Brox NY

Bill Stutz NY

Don Wittmeyer NY

The Ribits

George Payne MI

Pat Miles MI

Gil Miles MI

Steve Sckowiak MI

Ken Leach MI

Chris Miles MI


(PMS) Pretty Magnificient Six

Sandy Ferrara NJ

Sandy Franchi NJ

Ginny Heiman NJ

Kristen McCalley NJ

Susan McDermet NJ

Mary Ellen Novak NJ


The Donkey's

Carlos Castro NJ

JoAnn Costigan NJ

Ronald Husted NJ

Tom McDonald NJ

Fran Pote NJ

Daniel Taylor PGA NJ


Southwood River Rats

Mike Brangan NJ

Michael Craw NJ

Michael Dawson NJ

Josh Gustin NJ

Jeffrey Lamb NJ

Sean Marchunt NJ


Lucky Six

Andrew Cammer NJ

Jerry Dunn NJ

Denise Kuhn NJ

Dennis Morina, Sr NJ

Pat Phillips NJ

Barry Rodenbaugh NJ



Dennise Johnston IN

Jeremiah Johnston IN

Larry King IN

Dan Jones IN

Dave Emrich IN

Bill Menzel IN


In Chasing We Trust

Jonathon Leary NC

Jackie Hardin NC

Fadi Al-Badarin NC

Sam Fisher NC

Train Rex NC

Shane Roser NC



Michael Gorse NY

Donna Snedecor NY

Mary Jordan NY

Ed Kapalko NY

Jim McKnight NY

James Burns NJ


River Railbirds

Dawn Smith NJ

Glen Elison NJ

Greg Bender NJ

Randy Cella NJ

Jake Franchi NJ

Mark Williams NJ


Triangles A's Crackers

Ken DePlanche, Jr NC

Lennox Superville NC

Darrell Johnson NC

Matt Milliken NC

Scott Harrell NC

Marcus Darby NC


Triple P's (Pappa's Poker Players)

John Clark NC

Kathy Tahlulla NC

Cliff Bustle NC

Mike Dedona NC

Mike Elliot NC

Joseph Rauzi NC



Barbara Goodwin NC

Mark Goodwin NC

Kaye Blake NC

Kevin White NC

Justin Costner NC

Matt henson NC


Tammy & the 5 Stooges

Tammy Fasick PA

Thomas Lantz PA

Tony Rogers PA

Nick Musselmann PA

Brian Coppersmith PA

Rick Beard PA


B One Aces

Rob Haworth MI

Frank Stocker MI

Dave Osborn MI

Mike Parker MI

Sue Haynes MI

Bill Charters MI


Central East Quad Squad

Joanie Boos NJ

William McGrath NJ

Joseph McGrath NJ

Michael Testa NJ

Linda Lenkiewicz NJ

Richie Lenkiewicz NJ


Donkey Slayers

George Krug NJ

Jack Shafto NJ

Kenny Lee NJ

Carol Willard NJ

Diana Eagen NJ

Fran Tordik NJ


The Very Best of TOS

Sam Anastasio NJ

Chris Fareri NJ

Shai Cohen NJ

Katelyn O'Connor NJ

Shawn Terry NJ

Steve Lougher NJ


FTP Manpower

Claude Price MD

Alexander E Currin MD

William Hill MD

Gerald Guillory MD

Aaron Grey MD

Franklin Sutton MD

Quad Queens

Annette Craig NY

Monica Kenyon NY

Margaret Colson NY

Charity Borst NY

Kathy Campbell NY

Doreen Ashabranner NY


Flopping the Nuts

David Sader NY

Lisa Valdi NY

Catie Rich NY

Bill Cavallaro NY

Michael Cook NY

Marnetha Cook NY



Louis Stedronsky MI

Steve Boman MI

Bob Fink CT

Linda McClure CT

Brian Butts CT

Ali Maher MI


Kool Katz

Dominick Bencivenga NJ

Patrick Allard NJ

Lynne Bencivenga NJ

Geraldine Allard NJ

Jeffery Connolly NJ

Francesca Connolly NJ


But They Were Suited

Amanda Czyzewski NC

Luis Mantuano NC

Jesse Vincenty NC

Nate jenkins NC

Chris O'Connor NC

Scott Mumma NC


Magnificent Misfits

Bob Krywko MI

Johnathon Michael Young MI

Eric Peltonen MI

Michele Bradley MI

Ali Maher MI

Carl Boldt MI


So What About Your Balls?

Erik Ortega NC

Sean Brewer NC

Jonathan Pettus NC

Chris Brooks NC

Matt Keels NC

Karen Morzella CT


All Star Rejects

Tim Stoll MD

Mike Blanton MD

Tony (John) Hayden MD

Jeff Stone MD

Daniel Walker MD

Ed Morgan MD


Team Big Blind

Rich Krystofosky PA

Vinnie Sorrentino PA

Chris lorincz PA

John Malewich PA

Kim Sorrentino PA

Roberto Vasquez PA


Poker Misfits

Meghan White VA

Donna Horning VA

Carol Ellis VA

John Horning VA

Samantha Blansfield VA

Ricky Clark VA


Bourbon Street Bad Beats!

Richard Armato NY

Paul Smoot NY

Pete Smith NY

Paul Sisilli NY

Sean O'Leary NY

Joe Zaro NY


NJ Best of the Best

Marlene O'Grady NJ

Miguel Mazzeo NJ

Daniel Mazzeo NJ

Nick Callamaras NJ

Laura Peticca NJ

Paul Schmidt NJ



Linda Monastra NJ

Latavia Lee NJ

Katrina Hopkins NJ

Mike McFarland NJ

Shannon Daviso NJ

Margaret Koulalis NJ


DocSuperDonk6 NC

Jordan Ennis NC

Ashley Speight NC

Maurice Bobbitt NC

Jonathan Richardson NC

Anthony Lewis NC

Philip Godbolt NC

Final Table Assasins

Roma Rowe MD

Matt Suit MD

Charlie Wilkes MD

Jim Francovitch MD

Frank Hamcky MD

Mike Sichette MD


Assasins of the Final table

Doretta Lee MD

Steve McCullen MD

Kate Alexandrova MD

Doug Little MD

Frank Taylor MD

Robert Chesgreen MD


Latitudes River Rats

George Lattanzio NJ

Theresa Lattanzio NJ

Ray Trimble NJ

Serena Trimble NJ

Alan Sternberg NJ

Tom Lombarski NJ


WNY Kings & Queens

Lynette Sandoval NY

Chris Roberts NY

Joyce Burfield NY

Dorothy Snow NY

John Kaczmarski NY

Curtis Sarden NY


Made the Email

Ross Hamilton VA

Adam Nathan VA

Joshua Oh VA

Tim Olivia VA

Eric Russell VA

Robert Weick VA


Team No Name

Johnathon Mitchell NC

Dereck Huffstetler NC

hannah Howe NC

Jeremy Schenck NC

Jerrell S. Cooper NC

Donnell Proctor NC


Big Apple Assassins

Edward Mincello NC

Jonathan Qualls NC

Yusuf Muhammad NC

Matt Maunakea NC

Geoff Martin NC

keante Meldrum NC


Al's Polaricans

Alan Gurczeski NJ

Ricardo Santiago NJ

Anthony Santiago NJ

Omar Ortiz NJ

Eddie Cruz NJ

Ike Rivera NJ


Smokey & the Bandits

D Scott Weimer PA

Joe Hicks PA

Pattie Hicks PA

Larry Phillips PA

Steve Pheasant PA

George Patterson PA


The Wize Guys

John Horne PA

Kevin Champeno PA

Bill Zolnak PA

Mike Vladic PA

Kenneth Noel PA

Tom Makowiecki PA


CCC Crystal City Crew

Carleigh Dworetzky VA

Donald Folk VA

Lani Dillenbeck VA

Jerry Cole VA

Jeff Ngo VA

Kirubel Legesse VA


All in Allies

Virginia Seeger NC

Ross Kubeny NC

Cathy Kubeny NC

Bob Schultz NC

Penny Schultz NC

Jeannette Bloedorn NC


Stink Pickle

Jacob Chabot RI

Scott Pascua RI

Quinn Earley RI

Oliver Dennis-Bale RI

Eric Bieler RI

Sue Martin RI

The Run All Night Crew!

Don Rhodes MD

Rashid Ahmad MD

Leslie Banks MD

Mike Payne MD

Winston Brown MD

Reynaldo Powell MD


The Joker's Wild

George Barton NY

Bob Boesl NY

Amy Barish NY

Ryan Collingwood NY

Jose Ramos NY

Michael Witek NY


Brickhouse River Rats

Sue Brennan NJ

Arlene Bloom NJ

Charlene Opauski NJ

Ernest Olson NJ

John Carrier NJ

Linda Carrier NJ


Don't Know How Ta Act

Joey Parker NJ

Melissa Granozio NJ

Kevin Amos NJ

Jeanine Lockhart NJ

Joe Lockhart NJ

Darlene DiLaura NJ


To The River

Anthony Paletto NJ

Anthony Yonus NJ

Chris Paletto NJ

Edward Moench NJ

Jeff Johnson NJ

Joe Delandro NJ


Chip Rakers!

Tripper Parham NC

John Main NC

Hugh Etheridge NC

Paul Fitzgerald NC

Tim Abell NC

Thomas Ouert NC


The DogPound

Antonio Burney NJ

Lugene Garrett NJ

Charlie Sweeney NJ

Larry Domin NJ

Bill Ellenberg NJ

Tammy Brunson DC


Poker Nutz

Paula Skarsten MI

Curtis Houghmaster MI

Jesse Napier MI

Jesse Shand MI

Rick Wesbrook MI

Raquel Eisman MI


The Harry Bach Mary's

Chris Plaisted CT

William Cassel CT

Bill Priest CT

Mitch McMillen CT

Archie Brinson CT

Alex Merrell CT



Rich Dasch PA

Annette Merritts PA

Bob Merritts PA

John Karagenaes PA

Joyce Boyer PA

Stan Claar PA


Piper Station Aces

Kevin Henneman NC

Shelon Henneman NC

Joe Paonessa Jr NC

Sam Bongiorno NC

Yakoub Gorgi NC

Todd Swanson NC


NJ Vipers

Andres Sotos NJ

Roc Muhammad NJ

Jack Lieberman NJ

Ted Cole NJ

Chenelle Mingo NJ

Sandy Soto NJ


The Trunk Monkeys

Gary Brown NY

Cheryl Ann Mingarelli NY

Linda Pawenski NY

Chris Pawenski NY

Gary Ross NY

Mark White NY


Arianne Zagnit NJ

Nancy Singh NJ

Vlad Zaltsman NJ

Bella Zaltsman NJ

Dave Danchack NJ

Paul Ghuman NJ


Jersey Rebels

Rachel Caltabellotta NJ

Tom Caltabellotta NJ

Jordy Levine NJ

Tim Martin NJ

Gary Schultz NJ

Tim Walsh NJ



Thomas Wolfram MD

Robert Thomas MD

Noah Ambramson MD

Kasey Thomas MD

Chris Bender MD

Kyle Abramson MD


World Tavern Strip Poker Team

Thomas Hausheer VA

Chris Kanezo VA

Jessee Colley VA

Seth Cutler VA

Tony Williams VA

Tiffany Ratliff VA


Ace Holes

Justin Miller NY

Michelle Rosenberg NY

Woodrow Longshore NY

Joseph Stoos NY

Eric Pawlikowski NY

Colin Davis NY


Da 'Family'

Michael Cassa NY

Richard Ditoma NY

Erika Travan NJ

Bill Lee NY

Bill Hennelly NY

Cindy Moses NY


Straight Chasin'

David Short NY

Zach Kilmartin NY

Mike Koehler NY

James Colson NY

Keith Longo NY

Larry Irvin NY


Phil's Fish

Phil Fish PA

Doug Lasky PA

Thomas Borstorff PA

Laura Fish PA

Carlos Negron PA

Mike Golson PA



Nicole Petrin NJ

Ed Walker NJ

Sal Zuarino NJ

Pete Pietras NJ

Frantz Fourchard NJ

Mike Nero NJ


We're No Angels

Richard Sansone NJ

Christina Mahurin NJ

Loretta Crum NJ

Nikola Atchley NJ

Daniel Leusner NJ

Frank Wisk NJ


The Lightening Rods

Mike Filipelli PA

Ray Wise PA

Tim Gunter PA

John Madden PA

Judy Dellinger PA

Ed Dellinger PA


Bust Ur Nutz

Xiomara Marrero NJ

David Campbell NJ

Bill Zack NJ

Martin Rafferty NJ

Karen Panza NJ

Rachel Leili NJ


DocSuper5 Plus One NC

Debra Superville NC

Josh Bardwell NC

Bonnie Bardwel lNC

Larry Rose NC

Troy Rose NC

Qiana Evans NC

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