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World Tavern Poker is the largest bar poker league in the United States


Free to play poker tournaments


Earn points and rankings


Qualify for Tavern, Regional, and National events

This page will cover all about World Tavern Poker, including how to play, earn points and rankings, win great prizes, being the Best Customer, and much more.


Please remember that hosting venues pay to provide World Tavern Poker for their customers. It is your support of the bar, the TD, and the overall atmosphere at the venue that will keep the promotion going!


All players should register for tournaments by logging on to the website. If you do not yet have a player account, click here to get signed up!


World Tavern Poker is all about playing a game we love with great people at our amazing host bars. Above all else, we encourage everyone involved to have FUN!

How To Play
The Format
Points & Rankings
The Prizes
Bonus Chips
Other Items


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