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World Tavern Poker is the largest poker league in the United States! We play in FREE poker tournaments where players earn points and rankings to move on to the Tavern, Regional and National Championship events.


This page will covers everything about World Tavern Poker, including how to play, the points, rankings, prizes, and much more. Questions? Send us an email at this address: Players@WorldTavernPoker.com


Please remember that hosting venues pay to provide World Tavern Poker for their customers. It is your support in food & drink purchases that will keep the promotion going.


All players should register for tournaments by logging on to the WorldTavernPoker.com website. If you do not yet have a player account, click here to get signed up!


Finally, World Tavern Poker is about playing a game we all love with great people in our local bars & restaurants. Please be sure to have fun with it!

Player Guide Quick Links

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Tournament Structures

Tournament Overview


Each tournament is a No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event where you are playing until the last person is left standing. The Top 20 players in each tournament receive points towards their rankings (see Points & Rankings for more info).


We ask that players arrive 30 minutes early so tournaments can start on time. This is the perfect time to grab a drink and enjoy a meal! Please support your bar and don't forget to take care of your wait staff!

Starting Chip Count


All standard regular season World Tavern Poker tournaments start with 10,000 in chips. Check out our official Bonus Chip Program to see how you can earn extra chips for each game!

Blind Times


Blind times are generally determined by the number of players in attendance. The Tournament Director will determine and run the blinds accordingly. Below is a guide that many TD's and bars follow.

Blind Structure


The World Tavern Poker blind structure allows for two tournaments each night.

Some bars may not take a 2nd break to color up black chips. This depends on the amount of time available to run a tournament. Some bars will color up to white chips as the game continues.

Points & Rankings

The Points Structure


The Top 20 players in each tournament receive points, which count towards seasonal Rankings at your Tavern, in your Region & State, and Nationally!


Points are earned based on where you finish in a tournament, how many individual players competed, and a NEW bonus for winning a tournament or finishing at the Final Table (Top 8).

Explaining The Points


Each Top 20 finish earns a player a baseline of points as illustrated above.


Finish between 20th and 9th, and you'll add 50 times the number of players for that tournament to your score.


Example: 30 players are in a tournament; anyone finishing between 20th and 9th earns 1,500 points added to their baseline (30x50=1500).


New for Season 2 2015/16 and beyond, you now earn MORE POINTS for a Win or a Final Table (Top 8) Finish.


  • TOP 8 = 75 X number of players

  • WIN = 100 X number of players


Example: You win a 30-player tournament. You would earn 10,000 points (baseline) plus 3,000 (in bonus) for a total score of 13,000 points.


Scores are automatically generated on the World Tavern Poker website once the TD enters the results from a tournament.

NEW!  Points Calculator


Follow the instructions below to use the Points Calculator to determine how many points you'll earn for a Top 20 finish.


STEP 1: Click  WIN  (if you won),  TOP8  (if you finished in the Top 8), or   TOP20   (if you finished 9th thru 20th).


STEP 2: Enter the number of players in the tournament by pressing the  0-9  buttons.


STEP 3: Simply click the place you finished, and then hit ' = '.

The Rankings


You are ranked at four different levels based on the average of your top scores during the regular season.


  • Tavern Ranking: Average of Top 15 scores at that Tavern.(1 score to earn ranking)

  • Regional Ranking: Average of Top 20 scores at any Tavern in a Region. (minimum 20 scores)

  • State Ranking: Average of Top 25 scores from any Tavern in a State. (minimum 25 scores)

  • National Ranking: Average of Top 30 scores from any Tavern in the Country. (minimum 30 scores)


You must have a minimum of 15 Games Played with one Top 20 score to qualify for Tavern Championship events.


Bars playing one game per week require 7 games with a Top 20 score to qualify for the Tavern Championship.

Seasonal Format

Our seasonal structure allows for our tournaments to run every week, all year long!




Our regular season is 24 weeks long, with Week 13's Mid Season TOC Night acting as the mid-way point. Seasons run from February thru August, and then August thru February. Players earn points during the regular season to qualify for Championship events at their bar.


CHAMPIONSHIPS (Click here for Info on How To Qualify)

Championships take place at the end of the regular season. The Tavern Championships are held during Week 25, while the Tavern TOC's are held on Week 26. These events do not count in any Rankings, with top players earning seats to our Regional and National Championships.

Championships & Prizes

World Tavern Poker gives away more than $100,000 a year in cash and prizes including over 40 seats into major Poker events.


Championships Page

How To Qualify

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions and answers regarding World Tavern Poker.


Are there any fees to play? What's the buy-in?


World Tavern Poker is completely free to play at all of our locations, and there is never a buy-in to play! We do however strongly encourage all players to support their location with food and drink purchases to ensure the promotion continues.


Some bars have 'no loitering' policies, which means that seating and events (like poker) are for paying customers only.


When will scores be updated at my bar?


We ask all tournament directors to get scores entered within 48 hours. If you are concerned about your scores, speak to your TD or email us at TDs@WorldTavernPoker.com.


Do I get extra chips for food or drink purchases?


Absolutely not! This is considered a buy-in to the game and is illegal in almost every state.


What prizes can I win playing World Tavern Poker?


Click here for info on how you can win your share of $100,000 in awesome prizes by playing World Tavern Poker! Prizes at WTP events range from gift certificates to the bar up to a $10,000 buy in to the major event of your choice! Ask your TD about gift cards at your bar.


How do I become a Tournament Director?


We are always looking for eager TD's! If you are interested in becoming a tournament director at a World Tavern Poker location, send us an email at TDs@WorldTavernPoker.com.


I love my local bar, but they don't have World Tavern Poker. How can I get them to join?


Click here for more info. We offer a Player Rep Program that rewards those who get their favorite bars, restaurants, and taverns to join the league. Rewards include cash, seats to awesome events, and more!

The World Tavern Poker OPEN

The World Tavern Poker OPEN is the poker event of a lifetime where it brings players from around the country for a series of Great Poker, Great Parties and Great PEOPLE!  If you take only one vacation this year, there is no better choice than take it at an OPEN.

Visit the WTP OPEN page for all the details!

Special Events & Tournaments

Throughout the year, World Tavern Poker hosts a number of Special Events including Monthly Promotions, Special Event Week and giving back to our communities through charitable programs.


Please visit our Special Events page for all the details.

Cancellations & Inclement Weather

All requests for schedule changes must be made to TDs@WorldTavernPoker.com - do not adjust your schedule on your own!


We've added Double Points Weeks to Weeks 11 & 22 each season in an effort to give all players an equal chance to earn points for missed games due to inclement weather, holidays, etc. Because of this, bars can no longer schedule or run their own Double Points games.


However, Bars and TD's are encouraged to make up missed games when possible, but they must contact the WTP Home Office or their WTP Franchise owner (or applicable rep) to reschedule.

If you need to reschedule a game, they cannot be pushed into Championship weeks. This means if a bar cancels games on Week 20, they must make it up before the end of Week 24 (end of the regular season).


If a Championship Week game is cancelled, Tavern & TOC Championships cannot run past Week 1 of the new season. It is possible to run Tavern & TOC Championships on the same night, if needed. But please, contact us first before making changes on your own.

Bonus Chip Program  (updated 2015)

The overall concept of the Bonus Chip Program is to motivate players to pre-register for WTP events (which helps the TD), and to entice players to arrive early to enjoy food & drink at the bars who host our games.


Last season (Season 1 2015), we instituted the following:


50% of the standard starting stack up to 5,000 chips.

(The only exception is for the 'Bring A New Player' bonus) 


This season (Season 2 2015/16), we will be more active in enforcing this rule. If you play at a game that is providing more than 50%, please email us at Players@WorldTavernPoker.com


If you are a Bar Owner or TD and want to become a Bonus Chip Bar, simply log into your World Tavern Poker bar account and click on "OUR PROFILE".


Players will now see when registering that you give away extra chips each game!


At the bottom of the page, there is a section on the Bonus Chip Program. Click the box next to the Bonus Chip text, and then click 'Submit". That's it!


NOTE: If you are not a Bonus Chip Bar, you are still under the 50% max rule!

Register Online (1,000 chips)

Makes life much easier for TD's by registering for games on our website. This keeps everyone happy and can even help to grow your game!

Arrive 30 Minutes Early (1,000 chips)

Relax, kick up your feet, grab a hearty meal, and top it off with a tasty beverage! Arriving early also helps getting the tournament started on time.

Bring A New Player (5,000 chips)

Anyone who brings a new player to the game gets 5,000 extra chips for both games that night! The new player, who also gets 5,000 extra chips for both games, must be someone who has never played at that bar. (Max of 5,000 chips total for bringing new players, and 'recruiting' new players already at the venue does not count for this bonus!)

Special Promotion Bonuses

Keep an eye on our Promotion Calendar, as we run different types of promotions for some amazing causes (and extra chips) all year long.

NOTE: Bonus chips can only be awarded at Regular Season games. They cannot be awarded at Championship events.

How To Play Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em is a seven card poker game that is very easy to learn, but very difficult to master.

Each player is trying to make their best five-card hand out of their two pocket cards and the five community cards dealt in the middle of the table.

Prior to the deal, the player to the left of the dealer places a bet called the Little Blind, and a player to the left of the little blind places a bet called the Big Blind. These are called “blinds” because the players are required to place bets before seeing any cards. This is done to keep play moving along.


Each player is then dealt two cards down. Play starts to the left of the blind and continues clockwise around the table.

Each player may bet, raise, or fold in turn. This round of betting ends when the player in the Big Blind position makes a play (checks, calls, or raises) - OR, in the case of a raise, when the last player to act makes a play.


The dealer then burns (puts out a card face down), and deals three cards face up in the center of the table (The Flop).

Another round of betting takes place, starting with the player to the left of the dealer. After betting is complete, the dealer burns another card, and places a card face up in the center of the table (The Turn).

After another round of betting, the dealer then burns a final card, and deals the fifth and final card up in the center of the table (The River). A final round of betting takes place.

Players remaining in the hand will then show their cards, and the player with the winning poker hand will be awarded the pot. Any combination of hole cards and community cards may be used to make the best five-card poker hand.

World Tavern Poker plays the "No Limit" style of Texas Hold ‘Em. Therefore, any player can risk all of their chips at any time. Once a player is out of chips, they are out of the tournament.

Recent Changes

This section will be updated with a brief summary of any and all changes made to the Player Guide, League Rules, Championships, and other areas covered by the Guide as they happen. Please use this as a reference point for all future changes!

February 23rd, 2016


Made several modifications site wide

-- Updated Mid-Season TOC page, OPEN 22 page, etc.


November 20th, 2015


Clarified all-in calling in the General Rules section

-- All-in preflop calls must match the Big Blind, while all-in post-flop calls can match the bet


September 16th, 2015


Added Mid Season Points Champion details

-- Placed on the TOC All-Star Night page

-- #1 ranked players at a bar receive new medallion


August 24th, 2015


Clarified Bonus Chip Program

-- Added 50% maximum not to exceed 5,000 extra chips

-- Added no recruiting new players who are already present at the bar (must truly bring a new player)

-- Added 5,000 chip max for bringing new players


July 30th, 2015


Clarified "Mucking Your Cards" section and added "Always Protect Your Cards" section to the Rules Guide

-- Added clear instructions for accidental mucks and tied in with protecting your hand at all times


July 23rd, 2015


Marketing Tools: Added Food & Drink posters

-- Simply enter the info, print, and post in your bar

July 22nd, 2015


Redesigned OPEN 21 page for functionality and easy access

-- Button menu at top of page linking to needed info


Added "Changes & Additions" to top of League Guide

-- Includes links and brief info for new season


Added and edited League Guide page

-- Updated the Welcome section (added Better Customer video)

-- Added note in Blind Structure section regarding 2nd break

-- Added 'Final Table Bonus Points' to new Points Structure

-- Added new Points Calculator in Points Structure section

-- Edited # of games needed for all Rankings

-- Updated the WTP OPEN section for OPEN 21 graphic/page

-- Updated Bonus Chip Program section to specify limits

-- Added to New Player Bonus (they get the 5k too!)

June 2nd, 2015


Added link to Player Rep Program page

-- Located in the FAQ section of the League Info Guide

May 12th, 2015


Added tie-breaker rule to TOC All-Star Night page

-- Player with better finish in Game 1 would be the ASC Champ

April 23rd, 2015


Clarified text in RULES GUIDE - Raising section

-- Cleared up initial raise and minimum re-raise amount

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