Fri-Sat, September 21-22nd, 2018

Registration Opens:  12:00pm

Tournament Starts:  2:00pm

Victory Lanes

125 Morlake Drive

Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 663-5300

Regionals Overview


The Regional Championship brings together players from across your area for the shot at becoming the Next Regional Champion.


This event is what you have been playing for all season! Enjoy great poker, party with your friends, and earn the opportunity to play in the ultimate World Tavern Poker tournament, the National Championships.


See you at the tables!

Event Schedule



7:00pm: Big Points Tournament #1

Get your Regionals practice in during this big points game!


10:00pm: Big Points Tournament #2

The 2nd big points game of the night - counts for Regional and National Rankings!





10:00am: Big Points Tournament #3

Another opportunity to pad your Regional and National Rankings!


10:00am: TD Smackdown Tournament

This event is for current and assistant TD's from Season 1 2018 at NC Central West bars only (2 max per bar) to reward their hard work all season long! The winner receives the TD Smackdown trophy and a Party & Poker Access Pass to the World League Poker Championships this November! (also counts for points)

Defending Champion: PAT SULLIVAN


NOTE: Play in all three of the Big Points Tournament events and the player with the most combined points earns the title of Player's Champion AND wins a free Party & Poker Access Pass to the WLPC!


11:00am: Last Chance Tournament

This event is available to any player who has not qualified for the Regional Championships. The top 10% finishers move on to the Main Event at 2pm.


12:00pm: Registration Opens

Regional Championships are for qualified players only. You must be 21 years of age or older to play. Please have your photo ID with you at registration.


1:45pm: Registration Closes


2:00pm: Regional Championship Tournament

The event begins with Regional Awards and brief announcements with cards in the air shortly after.


Side games may be held throughout the day. Please check with your Tournament Director if you get knocked out.


Prizes up for grabs at your Regional Championships:

1st place: 3 nights hotel, $200 in travel money (payable at the WLPC) and two Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC.


2nd place: 3 nights hotel and two Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC.


3rd place: 3 nights hotel and one Party & Poker Access Pass to the WLPC.

4th place: Two Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC.


5th, 6th, 7th, 8th place: One Party & Poker Access Pass to the WLPC.


The Top 10% of the player field earn seats to National Championship Finals at the WLPC.

Event Information

Tournament Directors: 

Scott Booth, Johnny Nicodeme


Venue Info:

Victory Lanes is a great host for the NC Central West Regional weekend. With plenty of great food & drink options, TV's, and bowling, there's plenty to do when not at the tables.


Food & Drink Specials

Will be posted at the venue.


Victory Lanes

125 Morlake Drive

Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 663-5300

Victory Lanes Website


Use the map below for assistance.

Bars Invited To Regionals

Al's Bar & Grill

Bulldogs Sports Bar & Grill

Carolina Tap House

Club Orion

Factory Café

Fox & Hound (Pineville)

Fusion Lounge

Gate City Billiards Club

Ghostface Brewing

Halligan's - Monday

Halligans - Tuesday

Halligan's Ale House

Harvey's in Huntersville

Hotshots - CM (Saturday)

Hotshots - Mooresville

Hotshots Sports Bar - Concord Mills

Kickback Jacks - Asheboro

Lake Town Tavern

Little Tokyo - Sunday

Randolph's Billiards

Scores - Sunday

Scores - Thursday

Sports Page

TCB5401 Sports Bar & Grill

The Draft Sports Bar

The Kilted Buffalo - Langtree

The Mens Club - Charlotte

The Pub At Gateway

The Treasure Club

The Treasure Club - Asheville

The Treasure Club - Hickory

The W on Elm

Tropicana Sports Bar

VFW Post 9157

Victory Lanes - Mooresville

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 1 - 2018

2.  John Sawyer
3.  Charles Andrews
4.  Lorry Robinson
5.  Olympia Parks
6.  Jeff Bernard
7.  Jesse Vicenty
8.  Kevin Grove
9.  Zach Carr
10.  Tim Krzywicki
11.  Drexall Shorter
12.  Justin Lornson
13.  Darren Rowan
14.  Ingrid Hooks
15.  John Lopez
16.  Evan Thurbee
17.  Marcellus Tory
18.  Jeff Hunt
19.  Zeke Williams

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 2 - 2017/18

2.  Mike Hancock
3.  Hunando Budam
4.  Carl Prieser
5.  John Lopez
6.  Colby Grubbs
7.  Rob Caputo
8.  Ingrid Hooks
9.  Ricki Neff
10.  Karl Schauss
11.  Kristen Baker
12.  Darrin Mclay
13.  Pamela Godwin
14.  Filip Saidak
15.  Reggie Johnson
16.  Kevin Martin
17.  Lester Wardlaw
18.  Jayanth Ganesan
19.  Scott McInnis
20.  Larry Sigmon

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 1 - 2017

2.  Sue Faber
3.  Chris Wallace
4.  Mike Mraz
5.  Tom Baucom
6.  Kara    Widener
7.  Megan Nichols
8.  Christy Carpenter
9.  Michael Hagemann
10.  Dan Riggs
11.  Nicole Zimmerman
12.  Larry Sigmon
13.  Jesse Vicenty
14.  Jason Wallace
15.  Carol Simon
16.  James Walker
17.  Brenda Brewer
18.  Jeanne Kohn
19.  Barry Lewis

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 2 - 2016/17

2.  Jeff Hunt
3.  Mitch Baker
4.  William James
5.  Bill Morrison
6.  Filip Saidak
7.  Darren McBride
8.  Mike Hancock
9.  John McIntyre
10.  Jeff Cunningham
11.  Ingrid Hooks
12.  Nick Alejandro
13.  Chris Wallace
14.  James Price
15.  Marcus Greeson
16.  Jim Hilton
17.  Charles Harris
18.  Christy Carpenter
19.  Tommy Spence

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 1 - 2016

 2.  MJ Owens
 3.  Dale Frazier
 4.  William James
 5.  Scot Keeton
 6.  Matthew Prusinowski
 7.  Don O'Brien
 8.  Karl Schauss
 9.  Bob Revicki
10.  Douglas DiMichele
11.  Mitch Baker
12.  Jerry Capraro
13.  Tommy Spence
14.  Sal Toscano
15.  Mark Widener
16.  Garrett Simmons
17.  Mary Maston
18.  John McIntyre

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 2 - 2015/16


  2.  Mark Holbrook

  3.  Akeen Wilkins

  4.  Carl Nichols

  5.  Jonathan Leary

  6.  Dan Lester

  7.  Nicholas Graham

  8.  Darrin Miller

  9.  Elizabeth Shawley

10.  Jordon Bruton

11.  Matthew Lasater

12.  Brian Seto

13.  John Datseris

14.  Gregg Dicus

15.  Michele McBride

16.  Darryl Whitley

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 1 - 2015


  2.  Mark Widener

  3.  Carl Nichols

  4.  Mark Haney

  5.  John Sawyer

  6.  James Hill

  7.  Dwayne Thompson

  8.  Che Melton

  9.  Joe Paonessa, Jr.

10.  Wayne Carson

11.  Larry Dawalt

12.  Bob Stanton

13.  Evan Thurbee

14.  Mike Hancock

15.  Scott Mumma

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 2 - 2014/15

  1.  Bob Stanton

  2.  Sylvia Miller

  3.  Joe Paonessa, Jr.

  4.  Marty Walker

  5.  Richard Hauhuth

  6.  Joe DiNinno

  7.  John Sawyer

  8.  Jonathan Leary

  9.  Neal Brislin

10.  Cliff Bustle

11.  Randy Scott

12.  Darwin Ray

13.  Charles Grouse

14.  Kim Bennett

15.  Jim Rinke

16.  Amanda Czyzewski

Photo Gallery
Results from Season 1 - 2014

1.  Bobby Bryant

2.  Charles Hutchens

3.  Thomas Keller

4.  Joe DiNinno

5.  Kevin White

6.  Brian McCann

7.  John Sawyer

8.  Stephen James

9.  Brent Bruch

10.  David Benner

11.  Karl Schauss

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