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Regional Championships

Sunday, September 16th, 2018


Tournament Starts:  5:00PM (EDT)


Online on NLOP

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Regionals Overview

This event is what you have been playing for all season! The Regional Championships give you the shot at winning great prizes and seats to the ultimate World Tavern tournament, the National Championships.


Prizes up for grabs at your Regional Championships:

1st place: 3 nights hotel and two Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC.


2nd place: Two Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC.


3rd, 4th place: One Party & Poker Access Pass to the WLPC.


The Top 10% of the player field earn seats to National Championship Finals at the WLPC.

Event Information

To participate in the Online Regional Championship, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1:  Go to the NLOP website (click here) and log in.

If you don't have an NLOP account, create one and then email us at



Click the QUALIFY tab. You will see the Online Regional listed there. Click Register, and be sure to be back on the site 10 minutes prior to game time.


Step 3:  PLAY!

If you have any issues, please contact us well in advance of game time!

Other Notes:

PLEASE do not wait until the last day to register. At that point it may be too late to get assistance. Thanks and have fun!

Bars Invited To Online Regionals

AR-Stages - Texarkana
CA-Cheers Bar & Grill
GA-Pickle Barrel Cafe & Sports Pub
MA-Acton Bowladrome
MA-Onion Town Grill
NH-Tilted Kilt - Nashua
OK-VFW Post 4578 Guthrie
OR-Duffy's Irish Pub Monday
RI-Rusty's Thursday
TX-Sidecar Tasting Room
WI-Brickhouse Pub - Sunday
WI-Brickhouse Pub & Grill, LLC
WI-Shooters Showgirls

Regional Winners: Season 1 - 2016

 1.  SEAN KRYS (Wisconsin)
2.  Mia Metsger (Massachusetts)
3.  Ricky Sessions (Maine)
4.  Keith Wilkinson (Tennessee)
5.  Chris Hebert (Massachusetts)
6.  Jim Harmer (Wisconsin)
7.  Jamie Lavery (Massachusetts)
8.  Trevor Soden (Wisconsin)


Regional Winners: Season 2 - 2016/17

 1.  TERRY HILLESTAD (Wisconsin)
2.  Mike Oakes (Massachusetts)
3.  Verner Helenius (Wisconsin)
4.  Cassie Huff (Massachusetts)
5.  Frank Milliren (Wisconsin)
6.  JP Robbins (Maine)
7.  Casey Brown (Maine)
8.  Chriss Ryherd (Alaska)


Regional Winners: Season 1 - 2017

 1.  ERIC FINGER (Massachusetts)
2.  Betty Nguyen (Massachusetts)
3.  Steve Nutt (Texas)
4.  Breck Schwartz (Wisconsin)
5.  Terry Hillestad (Wisconsin)
6.  Frank Milliren (Wisconsin)



Regional Winners: Season 2 - 2017/18

 1.  BRECK SCHWARTZ (Wisconsin)
2.  Cody Barnes (Arkansas)
3.  Randy Wood (Wisconsin)
4.  Frank Milliren (Wisconsin)
5.  Corey Wood (Wisconsin)
6.  Steven Lindsay (Texas)
7.  Todd Twohey (California)
8.  Rodney Fedie (Wisconsin)


Regional Winners: Season 1 - 2018

 1.  JEFF COON (Virginia)
2.  JeriLynn Andreadakis (New York)
3.  Eric Russell (Virginia)
4.  Myles Esmele (California)
5.  Rick Guinazzo (Massachusetts)
6.  Bill Treinen (Wisconsin)
7.  Chris Hebert (Massachusetts)
8.  John Bordeaux (Georgia)


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