Each month we will be hosting a series of Special Events & Tournaments. Stay up with the latest schedules on this page. Enjoy!


On Sunday, May 24th @ 1:00 pm you can join us for our Super Regions Tournaments where you can play online with those you are a bit more connected to, at least geographically. Please be sure to read the details below.

Note: These ARE NOT Regional Championships, simply a way to allow you to play online with people closer to home.

You can choose any Super Region you would like to play in (some of you have moved and want to reconnect, etc) but remember, you can only play in one of the events.

These games are not for points so no need to pre-register at WorldTavernPoker.com
Let’s have some fun!



If you make the Final Table at your event, you will receive a TICKET to play in the 5:00 pm Championship event where the winner will receive a SUPER REGIONS CHAMPION PRINT, as well as 2 Access Passes to the WLPC in November.


  • You may only play in 1 Super Region

  • If you play in more than 1, you will be disqualified from the Championship

  • That’s it, let’s have some fun!


Be sure to register for the Super Region you would like to play in to reconnect with your World Tavern Poker family!


New England

  • Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire

  • Rhode Island

  • Connecticut



  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • New York


Mid Atlantic

  • Maryland

  • Northern Virginia

  • Tennessee


South East

  • North Carolina

  • Southern Virginia

  • Georgia

  • Florida



  • Michigan

  • Indiana

  • Ohio

  • Wisconsin

  • Arkansas


West Coast

  • California

  • Alaska

  • New Mexico

  • Washington 

  • Oregon

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