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Complete! Deep Stacked Event

An incredible turnout resulted in a huge $14,325 prize pool in the Deep Stacked tournament on Saturday night. 191 players took part, with BATT JOHNSON from North Carolina emerging as the victor after being the chip leader as a 3-way chop occurred.

30 players were paid out in this event! Check out the full results below.

1 David Johnson NC

2 Timmy Allard MI

3 Curtis Boyer NC

4 Mark Weaver PA

5 Joseph Gonzales

6 Constance Gregory MD

7 Matt McCarthy NJ

8 Gary Wilkinson TX

9 Charles Sampson NC

10 David Bonomo MI

11 Kate Harmon CA

12 Louis Stedronsky MI

13 Karen Rutherford PA

14 Mike O'Brien NC

15 Todd Berkebile NM

16 Will Callari NJ

17 Jesse Napier MI

18 Rebecca Bottoms VA

19 Edward Luipersbeck NJ

20 James Morgan NC

21 Brian Switaj NJ

22 Ed Walker NJ

23 Jack Houston PA

24 Jonathan Enderle VA

25 Mathew de Gutes GA

26 Cheryl Snedden IN

27 Matt Perutelli VA

28 Michael Gorse NY

29 Virginia Seeger NC

30 John Turpin MO

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