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Complete! Tag Team Event

The Tag Team tournament was its usual awesome and fun event with 232 players comprising 116 teams and they were partying and playing well into the AM on Tuesday!

MIKE HAGEMANN and MARK HANEY from North Carolina won the event, besting the team of Virginia Seeger and Ann Martin heads up for the win.

Results are below!

1 Mike Hagemann and Mark Haney

2 Virginia Seeger and Ann Martin

3 Patrick Berkebile

4 Michelle Brinks

5 Michael Finch

6 Chris Witherspoon

7 Chris Fuller and Mike Block

8 Robert Webber and Diane Webber

9 Jack Houston

10 Adrian Davidson

11 Joseph Silva

12 John Martin and Bruce Cline

13 Ron Wilson

14 Gary McFarland

15 Susan Restauri and Susan Spiess


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