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Complete! Last Chance Turbo Event

In the final event of OPEN 21, it was KEN LEE who emerged as the victor after a chop was agreed among the final participants.

147 players took part in this event, swelling the prize pool to $4,410. Here are the 'in the money' results:

1 Ken Lee

2 Matt Peach

3 Eric Russell

4 Ed Luipersbeck

5 Sue Beaudrow

6 Cindy Moses

7 Michael Wright

8 Joseph Gonzales

9 Ken Harrington

10 Jacqueline Bogenschultz

11 Bill Stutz

12 Lisa Benvenuta

13 Roger Mattox

14 Susan Spiess

15 Georgia Robinson

16 John Hammond

17 Koa Beam

18 John Taylor

19 Lawrence Hoyer

20 Alison Stokes


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