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COMPLETE! Early Strikers Tournament

The Early Strikers tournament has concluded with PETE SMITH from New York taking the victory!

Greg Bender from New Jersey took second place. 162 players took part, making it one of the biggest Early Strikers events ever. 15 places paid, with the top 2 players deciding on a chop for the top 2 prizes.

Here are the full results:

1 Pete Smith

2 Greg Bender

3 John Caserta

4 Cedric McCoy

5 Ken Nielson

6 Michael Everitt

7 Nancy Hall

8 Cynthia Bridgett

9 Susan Spiess

10 Kurt Kraenbring

11 Richard Demers

12 Ed Walker

13 Michael Rosamiller

14 Marvin Paris

15 Nicholas Rice

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