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COMPLETE! Deep Stack Championship (Nov 4th)

The Deep Stack Players Championship saw 161 players compete for over $12,000 in cash at the World League Poker Championships. After a 5 hour battle that ended just after Daylight Savings Time concluded (1:03am, to be exact), an 8-way chop was agreed to, with Pamela DeVoss earning the plaque for having the most chips.

Here are the full results:

1 Pamela Devoss 2 Orin Williams 3 Sean White 4 Daniel Watson 5 Aaron McEvoy 6 Patrick Finley 7 Kathlene Harmon 8 Chris Nunes 9 Timothy Lopez 10 Kenneth Harrington 11 William Cassell 12 Jodi Bone 13 Ethan Knaub 14 Breck Schwartz 15 Scooty Booth 16 Mark Gracey 17 Janet Baker 18 Dennis Whiton 19 Thomas Eckhard 20 Rodney Sams 21 Cheryl Snedden

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