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COMPLETE! International Dream Team Tournament (Nov 8th)

The International Dream Team Tournament took place at the 2017 World League Poker Championships. Over 150 players competed, and it was the "Motor City Sharks" (Timmy Allard, Jim Pearce, Chris Miles, and Ron Wood) who took the team prize with 3 of the members finishing in the top 5 overall!

The individual tournament winner was Daniel Watson from Team Great Britain, who bested Jonathan Lensch in a heads up battle for the victory.

Here are the full results:

1. Daniel Watson 2. Jonathan Lensch 3. Christopher Miles 4. Ronald Wood 5. Thomas Allard 6. Ronnie Vansaw 7. Ann Martin 8. James Lamrouex 9. Daniel Infante 10. Bill Brox 11. Todd Berkebile 12. Angad Dhawan 13. Frank Fernandez 14. Raymond Wolfe 15. Don Frohwein 16. Andrew Eckhard 17. P.J. Ward-Brown 18. Sean White 19. Albert Wong 20. Mike Boyle

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