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Silver Celebration Deep Stack Tournament (May 20th)

The Silver Celebration Deep Stack Tournament saw 208 players compete with big stacks for big cash at the OPEN 25 Silver Celebration.

It was JACQUALINE PINNIX from Maryland who emerged with the win after a 10-way chop at the final table. Great job Jacqueline!

Here are the full results:

1. Jacqualine Pinnix

2. Kim Mercer

3. James Mulvehill

4. Brian Jones

5. Charles Sweeney

6. Mark Lovern

7. Sara Smith

8. Greg Bender

9. Walter Westbrook

10. Eric Morris

11. Jeannette Bloedorn

12. Dennis Backhaus

13. Richard Stewart

14. Robert Kenefic

15. William Kunz

16. Richard Reinhardt

17. Jim McKnight

18. Chris Hebert

19. Justin Cheriot

20. John Santa Maria

21. Glenn Davis

22. Antonio Burney

23. Ann Martin

24. Richard Wuest


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