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All In Or Fold Event (Nov. 5)

The always hilarious All In or Fold tournament was held after the AREA 72 SCI-FI Party at the 2018 World League Poker Championships. After a lengthy heads up battle, it was EDWARD GALVEZ from Texas taking it down, besting a field of 118 players. Great job Edward!

Here is the full "in the money" results:

1. Edward Galvez

2. Donna Phillips

3. Donna Harris

4. James Lott

5. Bob White

6. Fran Stockine

7. Jamut Indormubhue

8. Brandon Swisher

9. John Mason

10. David Osborn

11. Chad Hooks

12. Larry Rhodes

13. David Hood

14. Mario Cisnoros

15. Monica Christian


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