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Deep Stack Players Championship (Nov. 3)

Two events, two women earn victories! The Deep Stack Players Championship capped off the first day of the 2018 World League Poker Championships, with PAMELA KNUDSEN from Alaska taking it down after a 9-way final table chop. 140 players took part, while 15 made the money. Great job everyone!

Here are the full "in the money" results:

1. Pamela Knudsen

2. Mark Lovern

3. Howard Hass

4. Timmy Allard

5. Casey Perry

6. Michael Hattley

7. Anthony "AJ" Johnson

8. Alison Leivers

9. Laretta Wager

10. Paul Randall

11. Cheryl Sneddin

12. Chris Nunes

13. Pat Sullivan

14. John Copenhagen

15. Jim Gibson


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