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All In Or Fold Tournament

Hilarious action and plenty of fun was had during the crazy All In Or Fold Tournament at the 2019 WLPC. With a field of 132 players and 18 places paid, it was ROBERTA MACK from North Carolina who emerged with the victory after a final table chop agreement. Great job Roberta!

Here are the full results:

1. Roberta Mack

2. Brian Merchant

3. Jordan Katz

4. Linda Vaughan

5. Barry Lewis

6. Brandon Swisher

7. Jennifer Galloway

8. Robert Walsh

9. Kenneth Morris

10. Lucas Dudley

11. Kimberly Mercer

12. Wendy Saviola

13. Martin Brenner

14. Jason Vanhaecke

15. Christi Bowers

16. Donna Harris

17. Arthur Fretwell

18. Kevin Waldroup


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