COMPLETE! National Championships (June 4-6th)

The National Championships at OPEN 24 are in the books, and it's ANGELIA HUBBLE who bested a field of nearly 430 players over 2 days to become the NEW National Champion!

Amazing job Angelia! And an awesome job to everyone who finished in the money in our National Championship. Congrats to everyone who qualified!

Here are the full Top 16 results:

1. Angelia Hubble, IN 2. Evan Dahan, NJ 3. Richard Gillespie, IN 4. Justin Miller, NY 5. Chris Hebert, MA 6. Michael Carey, NC 7. James Kovach, NJ 8. Rob Malkus, PA 9. Tanya Brown, CT 10. Eric Herget, NC 11. Thomas Lombarski, NJ 12. Bill Brox, NY 13. Rick Beard, PA 14. Gerald Karelus, PA 15. Phyllis Ann Lee, PA 16. Mike Heffner, VA


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