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OPEN 30, Day 2: Tag Team Survivor Results! (11/5)

November 5, 2023

The always hilarious Tag Team Survivor event took place Sunday, November 5th at OPEN 30, and not only it did not disappoint, we broke a record! With 320 players (160 teams), this was the largest Tag Team event ever held at an OPEN or WLPC!

After a lengthy bubble process, it was the team of JONATHAN SCARBOUROUGH and JOE BOULEY who had the most chips once play reached the money, securing the title of Tag Team champions. Amazing job gents!

Check out the full group that each earned an equal slice of this record Tag Team prize pool!

Here are the full results:

Winners: Jonathan Scarbourough and Joe Bouley

In The Money:

Trish Sutton and Albert Wong

Mark Mendola and Bill Brox

Tina Calabro and John Calabro

Judy Schaffner and Mike Matte

Barry Lewis and Brenda Lewis

Ronald Linder and Donald Tolson

Bob White and Sean White

Cindy Moses and Mike Cassa

Kevern Spurlin and Patrick McCrudden

John Parks and Matthew Gallant

Mark Williams and Greg Bender

Samuel Arwood and Chris Hebert

Cheri DiPietro and Michael DiPietro

Michelle Brinks and Jeffrey Crane

William Young and Edward Young



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