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OPEN 30 National Qualification Lists are ONLINE!

September 14, 2023

Happy Thursday everyone!

The National Qualification Lists for OPEN 30 at The Orleans Casino this November are now LIVE on the OPEN 30 website!

DETAILS: (click the yellow Qualified Player List button)

We have combined all Carryover qualifications from previous Pandemic-related seasons, as well as from the previous two seasons (S2-2022/23 and S1-2023) for easier reference. Remember, those who used qualifications to participate in Final 64 Online events had those qualifications removed as well.

Once you open a Qualification document, you can visually check to find your name. You can also use Ctrl-F on your keyboard or use "Find In Page" on mobile and search your name that way.

For the 16 players that appear in yellow red bold at the top of both National Champ Finals and National TOC Finals lists - you must choose ONE of those two events to play in at Registration at the OPEN. These are players that used qualifications for Final 64 Online events and still had one "Finals" qualification remaining, so those players must choose one or the other!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Since there is some duplication due to the sheer number of players with carryovers, the best way to view these docs is to start at the top and work your way down. If you have a National Champ Finals AND National TOC Finals qualification, you do not need to check Semifinal docs, for example. You will always play in the best events you qualified for, and if you have a National Champ Finals qualification, you do not play in the National Semis (same for TOC).

This is the last OPEN event for these carryovers - so use them or lose them! And don't forget to get your Access Passes, VIP Packages (only a few remain!), and Book Your Rooms at today.

If you have any questions about National Qualifications, please use the WTP Help Center (

Thanks everyone!


2 commentaires

I need to add TY Smith from Snowman Poker League to my reservation. I did the 5 night VIP Package. Please let me know that this add on has been taken care of. Thanking you in Advance, L Pauline Tamsett/Snowman Poker League

En réponse à

Pauline - check your email. :)

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