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Special Event Week is March 13-19th!

March 7, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Next week (Monday, March 13th thru Sunday, March 19th) is Special Event Week throughout the league.

TD's and players have the option to run the special game variants listed on our INFO website page linked below to spice things up during Week 6 and 18.

Choices include All In or Fold, Crazy Pineapple, Deep Stacked, No-Limp, Omaha, and Winner Gets The Deal.

TD's, please include your players in making this decision at your games.

Thanks all - have a GREAT rest of your week!

-Thomas and The Team at World Tavern Poker



gary gonzales
gary gonzales
Mar 09, 2023

there are east coast casinos that host large tournaments. the Borgata hosts games for WPT. The river casino in Philly routinely host tournaments for 160 180 using a conference room not their poker room. I am sure there are casino in NJ,PA, CT that have conference rooms or ballrooms that can hold hundreds. why not one season the national is on the east coast and one in Vegas?

Replying to

Hey Gary - Thomas here from WTP. Believe us, we hit every possible venue to see what would be feasible. There just isn't a Casino on the East Coast or even near the East Coast that can currently handle 1000+ WTP Players over several days of a typical OPEN - and still be cost-effective to do without every event being $250-$500 apiece. Pre-pandemic we did have one OPEN on the East Coast and one OPEN/WLPC in Vegas. But the situation post-pandemic has left casinos struggling to be able to facilitate our type of event. Hope this helps! :)

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