COMPLETE! Tag Team Tournament (June 6th)

The Tag Team Tournament took place on Tuesday at OPEN 24. After a three-way chop of the remaining prize pool, it was the team of JUSTIN CHEROT and ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON-CROSS who took home the victory and the plaques!

Nearly 300 players (150 teams) took part in this always fun event. Here are the full results:

1. Justin Cherot, Elizabeth Williamson-Cross 2. Guad Elazibe, Zachary Domire 3. Dawn Smith, Laurie Keene 4. Carla Rosner, Frank Rosner 5. John Hubczak, Patrick Finley 6. Mike Hancock, Gary McKinney 7. Marie Boljen, Charles Smith 8. CP Plaisted, William Cassell 9. Christopher Basile, Jusztina Siegrist 10. John Mason, Mike Hagemann 11. Cindy Moses, Mike Cassa 12. Eric Morris, George Morgan 13. Michelle Taylor, Dennis Taylor 14. Sherri Johnstone, David Weimer 15. Thomas Monaco, David Danchak, Jr.


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