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Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Registration Opens:  12:00pm

Tournament Starts:  1:00pm

TD: Angelia Hubble

Duff's Bar

111 E Chicago St.

Columbia City, IN 46725

(260) 244-6978


Debbie Allcock

Marcella Bernat


Regionals Overview

The Regional Championship brings together players from across your area for the shot at becoming the next Regional Champion.


This event is what you have been playing for all season! Enjoy great poker, party with your friends, and earn the opportunity to play in the ultimate World Tavern Poker tournament, the National Championships.


See you at the tables!

Venue Details

Duff's Bar is a great location for the Indiana Regional Championship. There's plenty of room and Duff's sits in a convenient location right off Highway 9 just south of downtown Columbia City. 


Get knocked out early? Stick around! Duff's Bar is a great place with a great atmosphere to hang out with your WTP Family.


Food and Drink specials will be posted at the venue.

Event Schedule



10:00am: Big Points Tournament

Join players from around the state for a shot at big points before the Regional Championship!


12:00pm: Registration Opens

Regional Championships are for qualified players only. You must be 21 years of age or older to play. Please have your photo ID with you at registration.


12:45pm: Registration Closes


1:00pm: Regional Championship Tournament

There will be Regional Awards and some brief announcements prior to start time.


TBA: TD Smackdown Tournament

This event is for current and assistant TD's from Season 2 2019/20 at Indiana bars only (2 max per bar) to reward their hard work all season long! The winner receives the TD Smackdown trophy and a Party & Poker Access Pass to OPEN 27 this May!
Defending Champion: ANGELIA HUBBLE



Side games may take place when enough players are available. Check with your TD if you get knocked out.

Regional Prizes

Prizes awarded at this Regional Championship include:


1st place: $300 Hotel Reimbursement, 2 Party & Poker Access Passes to OPEN 27.


2nd place: 2 Party & Poker Access Passes to OPEN 27.


3rd, 4th place: 1 Party & Poker Access Pass to OPEN 27.


The Top 10% of the player field earn seats to National Championship Finals at OPEN 27.


NOTE: $300 Hotel Reimbursement is redeemable only by contacting John Martin after Regionals, and only by the winning player at OPEN 27.

Season 2-2021/22 Qualifiers


2.  Marcella Bernat

Interactive Map

Use this map for directional assistance.

Participating WTP Bars

Beamers Sports Grill

Down On Main Street


Duff's Wednesdays


Sports Bar & Grill

Stadium Tavern

Previous Regional Champions

Season 2-2021/22:  DEBBIE ALLCOCK

Season 2-2019/20:  JERRY OLEJNIK

Season 1-2019:  MICHAEL RORRER

Season 2-2018/19:  DOUG FETTERS

Season 1-2018:  ZACHARY ANCIL

Season 2-2017/18:  JEREMIAH JOHNSTON

Season 1-2017:  STEVE ANDERSON

Season 2-2016/17:  SCOTT HAMBLETON

Season 1-2016:  JESSICA WARD

Season 2-2015/16:  ROBERT ELOPH

Season 1-2015:  CASTILLE DEWELLS

Season 2-2014/15:  STEVEN PENNYCUFF

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