COMPLETE! All In Or Fold Tournament (Nov 7th)

November 7, 2017



The All In Or Fold Tournament took place at the 2017 World League Poker Championships. 108 entries later, it was MARCIE WEISBERG who outlasted the field to earn the victory. Great job Marcie!


Here are the full results:


1.  Marcie Weisberg
2.  Daniel Gauntt
3.  William James
4.  Leandro Rosas
5.  Mark Southam
6.  Andrew Henderson
7.  Kate Harmon
8.  Gary Fleming
9.  Aaron McEvoy
10.  Mike Gallegos
11.  William Cassell
12.  Catherine Powell
13.  Laurie Keene
14.  Arleen Gannon
15.  E.C. Lewis


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