COMPLETE! Sin City Survivor Tournament (Nov 8th)

November 8, 2017



The Sin City Survivor Tournament took place at the 2017 World League Poker Championships. Close to 108 players took part, and it was JIM COSTEN who emerged with the victory and the plaque. Awesome job Jim!


Here are the full results:


1.  Jim Costen
2.  Bernard Show
3.  Andrew Sharples
4.  Gary Pope
5.  Glenn Bradley
6.  James Gill
7.  Robert LaPorte
8.  Kelley Malin
9.  Donna Kirby
10.  Chris Kayser
11.  Larry Roane
12.  Elizabeth Veregge
13.  Catherine Dhawan
14.  Charles Anderson
15.  Debra Superville
16.  Robert White


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