COMPLETE! WLPC International Cup (Nov 7th)

November 7, 2017



24 players represented their country in the inaugural WLPC International Cup, which took place at the 2017 World League Poker Championships. It was a wild affair, and ran for nearly 6 hours before a winner emerged.


For the 2nd time that day, it was KIM MERCER from New Jersey, representing World Tavern Poker and the United States, who earned victory. Kim not only took home the WLPC International Cup for the US, plus the $1,000 first place prize and a Cup for herself...but she also won the WLPC Main Event that same day!


It was truly an event for the ages. Be sure to watch every minute of the action from our Live Stream, which covered every hand from the WLPC International Cup, by clicking the link below:


Here are the full results from the WLPC International Cup:


2.  Chris Nunes, USA
3.  Andy Bowie, UK
4.  Linda Lewis, CAN
5.  Emily Glancy, UK
6.  Jeffrey Crane, USA
7.  Patrick Buchanan, UK
8.  Albert Wong, CAN
9.  Trish Sutton, CAN
10.  Selina Harnett, CAN
11.  Les Parmenter, UK
12.  Jamie Evans, UK
13.  Gary Shields, CAN
14.  Richard Mackie, UK
15.  Nancy Blackall, CAN
16.  Scott Harris, CAN
17.  Michael Pope, USA
18.  Glenn Brown, UK
19.  John Turpin, USA
20.  Bob White, USA
21.  Zainool Mohammed, CAN
22.  Steve Vogel, USA
23.  David Andersen, USA
24.  Mark Southam, UK


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