November 7, 2017



The fourth annual World League Poker Championship Main Event took place over two days at the WLPC. The person joining previous World Champions William McGrotty, Jacob Miller, and Chris Nunes in this ultimate league poker event is...


KIMBERLY MERCER, a World Tavern Poker player from New Jersey!


Kim bested a field of 253 players to earn the title of World Champion, along with the huge cash prize. Kim turned back a valiant effort from Redtooth Poker's Emily Glancy in an epic heads up battle that will be remembered for a long time.


Here are the full results from the WLPC Main Event:


2.  Emily Glancy
3.  Steve Vogel
4.  John Turpin
5.  Jeffrey Crane
6.  Michael Pope
7.  Bob White
8.  Paul Murphy
9.  Mark Higgins
10.  Gary Shields
11.  Nancy Blackall
12.  Paul Nedwander
13.  Ricardo Victorino
14.  Dan Spain
15.  Gloria Griego
16.  Linda Brown
17.  Jeff Hunt
18.  Cheryl Sneddin
19.  Dylan Andersen
20.  Neil Brimat
21.  Andrew Eckhard
22.  Kevin Campbell
23.  Jonathan Lensch
24.  Robbie Blair
25.  Doug Justus
26.  Charles Anderson
27.  Louise Naples
28.  Erica Pope
29.  Paul Summers
30.  William Leach
31.  Les Parmenter
32.  Dennis Foster
33.  Manny Fernandez
34.  Jordan Miller
35.  Tim Lambiris


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