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We are excited to share with you our newest program during these crazy times. With some customers and venue owners concerned over sitting in close proximity at a table and/or sharing chips and cards, Touchless Poker is the perfect solution.


How It Works

  1. Each venue would host their weekly tournaments in their bar - but rather than playing with cards and chips, poker customers will be playing on their mobile devices.

  2. Players will register as normal, and when they arrive with their device (phone, tablet, laptop), they will check-in and receive a password from their Tournament Director.

  3. Players can sit anywhere they would like in the venue, whether it be at a table with others or across the bar by themselves.

  4. Players will then log in to, find their venue's tournament on the schedule, and enter the password when registering.

  5. Tournament Directors will note the players as they are knocked out. Points & rankings will continue to be awarded as if it was a traditional game.

Touchless poker gives you some peace of mind while social distancing and competing (and smack-talking) with your poker family!

If you are interested in getting poker back at your venue, then this might be the perfect short-term solution! Please contact us with any questions, thoughts, or to get started at

Have an amazing day!

Mike & The Entire World Tavern Team

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