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Be The Best Poker Customer You Can Be!

Our Best Customer Program encourages 'players' to become Poker Customers by supporting their host venue, taking care of their servers, helping the Tournament Director, and by contributing to an overall positive, inclusive atmosphere.

The Program Objectives

The objectives of the Best Customer Program are to:


-- Recognize as many good poker customers as possible, not just the person with the most disposable income. The person who spends the most is not always the Best Customer.


-- Raise awareness of what it truly means to be a good poker customer, and why it’s important to support the Tournament Director and bar staff.


-- Create an environment where people remind others around them to be the best poker customer they can be AND one that is welcoming of new players to ensure the continued growth of the game and the promotion.


-- Ultimately, to increase the overall level of poker customers across the board, creating an atmosphere that is more fun for the player, enjoyable for the TD, and profitable for the bar (and not losing venues due to a few "bad apples").

The Challenge

Each season, we lose dozens of venues primarily because bar owners are dissatisfied with players/customers. This includes:

  • Poor behavior, hygiene, or excessive foul language

  • Lack of spending (loitering)

  • Lack of tipping

  • Taking away from the spirit of the promotion

Program Rewards

At the end of the season, the Top 8 Best Customers at each venue qualify to play in a “Last Person Standing” event during both the Tavern Championship AND the Tavern TOC! (See more info on this below)


-- Tavern Championships: The Last Person Standing receives a National Championship Semi-Finals seat for that season.


-- Tavern TOC: The Last Person Standing receives a National TOC Semi-Finals seat for that season.


-- Best Customer Medallion: The person with the MOST Best Customer Points at the end of the Season receives the Medallion. If there is a tie, these two play heads up to declare the winner.

TD Rewards

For all their hard work throughout the season, TD's are eligible for an automatic National TOC Finals seat for that season!


TD's must achieve ALL of the following to qualify:


-- The person must have been TD for a whole season at that venue AND was listed as the TD #1 in their bar's WTP profile throughtout the season.


-- TD’s cannot award themselves Best Customer Points!


We know that you are one of the best customers – that’s why we are rewarding them with a National TOC Finals seat. If you award yourself Best Customer points, you risk losing your TOC Finals seat!

How It Works

Each night, the TD and the venue’s staff will select 4 Best Customers - 2 for each game.

  • 2 Players according to the Program guidelines

  • 2 Players who spent the most that night


TD's must ask the wait staff for the 2 players who spent the most that night and award a point to each. The TD then selects the other 2 players themselves according to the parameters below (see "Who Gets Points" for more details).


TD's are not to pick "favorites" and should select customers based on the parameters of this program. Multiple people should be earning points every week - not necessarily the same people every week. Spread it around!

TD’s must update Best Customer points at the same time they update scores, AND recognize the Best Customers at the beginning of their games! This shows gratitude towards those players and informs others about how to get points for being the Best Customer.

Note: Points cannot be awarded in New York for who spent the most money. NY TD's should simply select 4 Best Customers per the applicable parameters below.

Who Gets Points?

We are trying to take as much “subjectivity” out of the process as possible. Players to consider when awarding Best Customer points should:


-- Arrive early and are helpful to the TD.


-- Support the venue with their purchases.


-- Support the wait staff.

-- Welcome new players and are not a disruption to the game or to bar staff.

Who Shouldn't Get Points?

-- Players who loiter (not supporting the venue with their purchases).

-- Players who are friends of the TD but are not adhering to the spirit of the Best Customer program.


-- Players who take away from the spirit of the game (i.e constantly complaining, showing anger to others, being rude to others including the TD and wait staff).

-- Players who consistently arrive late.


-- Players who use abusive language towards others (in fact, if this is ongoing, these players should not be invited back to play at all).


-- Players who bring in outside food or beverages, or go to their car to consume them. (If a player does this, inform us immediately and they will be suspended indefinitely).

Last Person Standing

Those ranked in the Top 8 in their bar’s Best Customer ranking at the end of the season will receive a special card to be used during Tavern Championships and Tavern TOC's.


-- Each of these players has 2 shots at seats, meaning even if they win this event on Tavern Championship night, they can participate again on Tavern TOC night.


-- The card-holder that lasts the longest (last one knocked out) wins the National seat! (see Program Rewards)


-- It does not matter if any of these players have already qualified for the National events - they are still being recognized as a Best Customer in that bar.


-- TD's (those listed as TD #1) are not permitted to participate in Last Player Standing at their own bar.

World Tavern Poker

A Reminder from WTP

REMEMBER! These venues pay to offer World Tavern Poker to you. If you want the game to continue at your bar, then everyone should be the Best Poker Customer They Can Be.


TD's: this does not mean you should run a boring game – quite the opposite!


World Tavern Poker is designed to be a fun and exciting game. Customers can enjoy a great night out with friends (and make new ones!), enjoy great food and drink, and play a game they love all at the same time.

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