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TD's Work Hard, All Year Long!

Every week, your Tournament Directors work so hard for you: getting set up, registering players, making announcements, managing the tournament, updating scores, and keeping the game Fun, Fair, and Organized. Many TDs do their job for a few dollars, a free meal, or in many cases, for nothing at all.


They do it for the love of the game, their passion for the league, and for you!

What You Can Do

Please make sure to thank your TD during TD Appreciation Week. Buy them a drink, or a meal, and let them know they are appreciated for all of the hard work they do 52 weeks a year.


Get your fellow poker customers together and go in on the ULTIMATE TD Appreciation Week gift: a 3 month WTP Online PRO Package!


Step 1:  One poker customer from each bar takes the lead. Ask other players to pitch in!


Step 2:  Click HERE to purchase the Package


Step 3:  After purchase, please DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Certificate, and have your players sign it. Present it to your TD during TD Appreciation Week!


For TD's: Receive a gifted WTP Pro Package? Contact to redeem.

Let's All Say THANK YOU!

Let's face it: being a TD can sometimes be a thankless job. Think about all the times they've heard "we're down to seven!", or "why aren't the points updated yet?" Not only are they responsible for the continued success of the promotion, week after week, but without them, we wouldn't have a game to enjoy.


Let's all give our awesome TD's a huge THANK YOU this week (and every week!).


From All Of Us at World Tavern...THANK YOU TD's!!!

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