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Welcome to the WTP Indy Poker Rep Program!

World Tavern is growing again! Over the years we have found that there are no better representatives of the league than our TD's and Players - yes, that's you!


Why We Want YOU

Because YOU have witnessed firsthand the success World Tavern Poker brings to bars and restaurants that are looking to put more butts in their seats.


Because YOU have experienced the loyalty of these customers – the fact we all show up, rain or shine, every week to spend time with friends, enjoying a great meal and drink, and playing a game we all love (well, we love it unless we get sucked out on lol).


So, a few years ago we introduced a small program for Independent Representatives – and the success has been awesome! (Thank you to our current reps who have proven the program’s success) 


Now it’s time to bring this program to YOU!

What Is An Independent 

An Independent Representative (indy rep for short) searches out new venues to grow the league in a defined area.

It involves meeting with the owner/manager, explaining the benefits of the league, help them to get started through training and a kick-off event, and working on making their World Tavern Promotion a success.

For each new venue, you will be compensated not only with a sign-on bonus, but also a residual commission that is paid each month.

Now, this might not buy you that new Ferrari you’ve been scoping out. But it does add up for a nice vacation, paying off some bills, or maybe a decent down payment on that Alpaca farm you’ve always dreamed of.


Calling all World Tavern Fanatics!

You have probably heard this saying: “Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well, this is your opportunity to spread the news about something you're truly passionate about.

Indy reps are invited to assist at the OPEN & WLPC, Regionals, and more (if you would like)!

So...if you have an outgoing personality, a desire to learn, and a passion for World Tavern Poker, we cordially invite you to learn more. 

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