Season 2 - 2018/19 National Champion (OPEN 26)


As many of you know, the Casinos on the East Coast are still facing challenges after the Pandemic. Many poker rooms have not reopened, and others are facing staffing shortages (like Mohegan Sun). I can assure you that our team is working hard on a solution - but know that in the worst case, any National Qualifications will carry over. Thanks so much for your understanding. 

HUGE prizes and WSOP packages are on the line in the National Championship Finals each year. This is the ultimate reward for the league's best players!


Compete at the bar for a spot in one of our National events


Earn a seat to the National Finals at Regionals


Attend the 2021 WLPC and compete for BIG prizes!

How It Works

The National Championship is held during the World Tavern Poker OPEN and the World League Poker Championships to bring you the poker experience of a lifetime!


Nationals is broken down into 3 levels of play: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. The Finals is the championship event with the BIG prizes on the line.


You can qualify for each level directly from your local bar. The more you play, the better your chance of advancing directly to the Finals.

National Championship Quarterfinals

The National Championship Quarterfinals will be held on the WTP Online website on Saturday, August 28th at 1pm EDT. All qualified players can compete in a free online event where the Top 10% of the field move on to the National Championship Semifinals at the 2021 WLPC.

National Championship Semifinals

This is a shootout-style format where the Top 2 players at each table advance to the National Champ Finals.

National Championship Finals

This Championship multi-table event is where all qualified players compete for the BIG prizes, including Major Event packages and the title of National Champion!

Event Details

The next National Championship events will take place this November at the 2021 WLPC at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. Details are posted on the WLPC website:



The lists below include players who qualified for National events during the previous three seasons (Season 2-2019/20, Season 1-2020, Season 2-2020/21) due to the pandemic.

Qualified players from the current season (Season 1-2021) will be added to the lists below once it has concluded. The dates listed on the links below are PRELIMINARY and are not confirmed dates and times as of now.

National Championship Quarterfinals

National Championship Semifinals


National Championship Finals

How To Qualify

National Championship Quarterfinals

-- Win at the bar, and you're in!

-- Win just one (1) game during the regular season at a WTP venue and you're qualified for the Quarterfinals.

National Championship Semifinals

-- Five (5) total wins during the regular season (at any bar)

-- Earn a Top 10 Tavern Ranking

National Championship Finals

-- Ten (10) total wins during the regular season (at any bar)

-- Be the Season Points Champion at any bar

-- Win a Tavern Championship

-- Finish in the Top 1% Club (top 1% of a Region, State, National, or Cumulative Ranking)

-- Finish in the Top 10% at a Regional Championship

The Prizes

The National Championship Finals offers great prizes to the Top 16 players in the event. All packages below are redeemable starting in 2022.

The winner receives a Major Event package, the trophy, an exclusive limited-edition Bulova watch, and the title of National Champion!

Please note: Prizes are subject to change.

1st Place: $5,000 Major Event Package

2nd Place: $2,000 Major Event Package

3rd Place: $1,500 Major Event Package

4th Place: $1,250 Major Event Package

5th Place: $1,000 Major Event Package

6th Place: $750 Major Event Package

7th Place: $750 Major Event Package

8th Place: $750 Major Event Package

9th thru 16th Place: $500 Major Event Package

In addition, the National Points Champion and the National Cumulative Points Champion from the previous seasons will be honored with a plaque presentation at the National Championship Finals! Both also receive Access Passes to the OPEN or WLPC event for the season they qualified for.


Other Notes

-- Championship seats (at all levels) are not transferable. You have to earn it!

-- Dates for the National Championship events are typically announced about three months prior to the event.

-- There is a $20 (Semis) or $25 (Finals) casino fee at the OPEN or WLPC. There is no cost to enter the online National Quarterfinals.

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