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WTP Regional Championships bring the top players from all across your area to compete for the title of Regional Champion!


Finish in the Top 10% of a Regional Championship


Earn a seat to the National Championship Finals


Attend the OPEN or WLPC and compete for BIG prizes!

How to Qualify

There are 5 ways a player can qualify for a Regional Championship event.


-- Top 20 Tavern Ranking (at end of regular season)


-- Top 10 finish in a Tavern Championship game


-- Top 30% of Regional Ranking


-- Tavern Guest Seat: Each tavern receives a free Regional seat that can be awarded to anyone who has played at least 5 games at that bar during the previous season.


-- Win an Early Strikers event on Tavern Champ night.


Regional seats are non-transferable and can only be used by players who qualify.

The Prizes

Prizes at Regionals can include Access Passes to the WTP OPEN or World League Poker Championships, Major Event packages, and much more! 


Prizes are awarded based on the number of bars that make up your Regional Championship.


The Top 10% finishers at each Regional Championship receive seats in the National Championship Finals at the OPEN or WLPC, where big prizes are on the line!


PLUS, all final table finishers (Top 8) receive a Championship print for their accomplishment!


Prize details are on each of the Regional Championship pages listed on the Schedule.

Schedule and Results

Saturday, Sept 25th @ 1pm ET


Alaska: Saturday, Sept 17th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)


Maryland & PA-South Central: Sunday, Aug 21st @ 12:00pm (RESULTS)


Michigan: Sunday, March 19th @ 12:00pm (DETAILS)

New Jersey (Cent East/West): Sunday, Sept 18th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)

New Jersey (SE & SW): Sunday, Sept 11th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)

New Mexico: Saturday, March 25th @ 2:00pm (DETAILS)


New York (Southern) & Connecticut: Sunday, March 5th @ 2:00pm (DETAILS)

New York (Western): Saturday, Aug 27th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)

North Carolina (Central East): Sunday, Aug 28th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)


North Carolina (Cent West/West): Sunday, Sept 4th @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)


North Carolina (East): Sunday, Feb 26th @ 1:00pm (DETAILS)


Pennsylvania (Central): Sunday, Aug 21st @ 2:00pm (RESULTS)

Tennessee (East/Central): Saturday, March 11th @ 1:00pm (DETAILS)

Virginia (Northeast & DC): Sunday, Aug 21st @ 2:00pm (RESULTS)


Virginia (South, Central, West): Saturday, Sept 3rd @ 1:00pm (RESULTS)


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TD Tournaments

Some regions hold a TD Tournament exclusive to current or previous-season Tournament Directors for their hard work all season long. Check your regional page to see if your area is holding such an event.

TD Tournament
Host a Regional Event

If there are 5 or more World Tavern Poker bars in your area and you'd like to host a Regional event, we want to hear from you! You must be able to seat and serve at least 120 players comfortably.


The benefits: the potential for hundreds of hungry (and thirsty) poker players in your bar or restaurant! Plus, if you already host weekly World Tavern Poker games and run a successful Regional event, even more players will return for your weekly tournaments!


Interested? Send an email with your name, the name of your establishment, your location, and a few details about your place of business to:

Season 2 - 2022 Winners

Online Regionals:  x (x)

Alaska:  x

Conn/NY South:  x

Maryland/PA-South Central:  x

Michigan:  x

New Jersey Cent East/West:  x

New Jersey (SW & SE):  x

New Mexico:  x

NC (Central East):  x

NC (West/Central West):  x

NC (East):  x

New York (Western):  x
Pennsylvania (Central):  x

Tennessee (East & Central):  x

VA (North East & DC):  x

VA (all others):  x

Season 1 - 2022 Winners

Online Regionals:  CHRIS HEBERT (Massachusetts)



Maryland/PA-South Central:  TYRONE NUTTER


New Jersey Cent East/West:  AMY DUBALINO

New Jersey (SW & SE):  JULIO ESTRADA


NC (Central East):  MICHAEL GADSON

NC (West/Central West):  RENATO FREIRE


New York (Western):  CHRIS PAWENSKI
Pennsylvania (Central):  KOA BEAM

Tennessee (East & Central):  KYLE TINKHAM

VA (North East & DC):  TONY VENTO

VA (all others):  MARK DAUBERT

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