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We are so incredibly grateful to all of our AMAZING Tournament Directors - and we want you to have the tools to be the best that you can.

Our mission is to ensure that World Tavern Poker games across the country are run with a level of consistency, fairness, and FUN!

To become a Certified World Tavern Poker Tournament Director - please watch the videos below and then click on the link to take the Certified TD Quiz. Once you pass, you will receive your Certificate to print and also be noted on our website as being certified.


Plus, once you are a TD at a World Tavern venue, you'll enjoy some really cool perks along with running your games - see below for more.

Thank you for all that you do!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Becoming a Certified WTP Tournament Director does not mean you can go around to other venues and run other TD's games. That TD is in charge of their game, and you should respect their position, as you would expect them to respect yours.


However, if you see an issue, or if the TD is not building a fun atmosphere or not adhering to the Rules of the league, please use our WTP Help Center to submit a ticket.

In order to pass the quiz at the end of the videos, please be sure to look over two other important resources:

Complete TD Guide

World Tavern Poker Rules & Guidelines

How To Be A Great TD

Extra Tips and Tricks!


If you've watched the videos and studied up on the TD Guide and Rules & Guidelines, you're ready to take the Certified TD Quiz! Here are the steps to do so:

STEP 1: Log into your WTP player account, then click ENTER SITE at the Newsletter section.

STEP 2: In your My WTP tabs area, click the "QUIZ" button.

STEP 3: Take the Quiz. You must get 90% of the questions correct in order to pass.

Upon successful completion, you'll be prompted to print your Certified TD Certificate. You will also be noted as a Certified TD on your Bar's Profile page - please make sure you are listed!!


The WTP Website and How To Enter Scores


Becoming a Certified TD is a great accomplishment - CONGRATS! If, however, you do not have a current venue to run, we highly encourage you to check out two WTP programs that can help:

Become a Player Rep - earn cool items for introducing a venue to the league (if they join, you get rewarded!)

Become an Independent Rep - join the WTP team and earn commissions on venues you bring to the league.

Once you become a TD at a WTP venue, you'll have access to some really cool perks, including a monthly Online TD Smackdown tournament, an exclusive TD Tournament at the WLPC in Las Vegas, and can earn seats to our National TOC Finals! See our Best Customer Program for more on this as well.

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