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WTP Bar Referral Program

Refer Bars and Earn AWESOME Rewards!


For years, players have been asking us how they can work with World Tavern Poker. Now you have the opportunity with our World Tavern Poker Bar Referral program!


This program has great incentives to reward your initiative. You can earn cash, tickets to WTP OPENS and even seats directly into the National Championship!



To be considered for the Bar Referral Program, you must complete the form on this page (see below). This only takes a few moments, but completing the form will show your true interest.


Once approved, you will receive a sales kit that will include:


  • Sales brochures

  • Bar registration forms

  • Sales guide to provide tips on how to recruit new locations


These materials are easy to understand. With a little effort, you can get bars to join WTP, and you reap the benefits!


Once you receive your sales kit, you will simply contact local venues in your area and deliver/present the information about World Tavern Poker and how it will help grow their business. We help put butts in their bar seats, even their slowest nights!



Please Note: The following areas are not available for the Bar Referral Program: North Carolina East Region, Orange County (NY), Rockland County (NY), Arlington County (VA), Fairfax County (VA), Loudon County (VA), Fairfax City (VA), and Fall Church City (VA).



Depending on the number of locations you recruit during a current season, you can earn the following:


LEVEL 1:  1st Bar=$100 Cash


LEVEL 2:  2nd Bar=$150 Cash + Seat in a National Championship Final (you choose the season)


LEVEL 3:  3rd Bar=$200 Cash + Party & Poker Access Pass to a WTP OPEN of your choice!


All payments and prizes are earned after each tavern you sign up pays for an entire season in the league. You are paid only one time for a bar even if the bar runs or adds multiple nights of World Tavern Poker.


Gold Level Bar Referrer


Once you reach 3 new bars in any given season, you will automatically reach the Gold Level which means you start each new season at Level 2!


This means more cash and an automatic seat into Nationals after recruiting your first bar of that season. However, if you go a season without signing up a new venue, you will move back down to where you originally started (before Level 1).


Please answer all questions as fully as possible.



Below are some common FAQ's regarding the WTP Bar Referral Program.



How can I be sure I will get credit for the bar?


First, you will write your name on each of the Registration forms in your sales kit. After you drop off an info guide to a local venue, you will log into your WTP account and enter the “lead” into your Bar Referral profile. This lead will remain yours for 90 days to ensure you get credit.


How much work does this take?


Only as much time as it takes to stop by a local bar, ask for the manager, and drop off the sales brochure. Our sales team will even help by following up with the bar owner or manager.


What if I don’t have any sales experience?


We have found that the best WTP sales people are our players because they are not only passionate about the league, they have witnessed first-hand how World Tavern Poker can help the bar’s business! The sales guide will give you many tips; but most importantly, share your passion and experience about the league. The rest will work itself out!


Do I have to be the TD for the bars I sign up?


Not at all! But we do ask that you be there on the first night to help get it kicked off. And if you choose to be the TD, you are more than welcome to do so, as long as your total compensation does not exceed $50 a night from the bar.


What else should I know?


Simply that we are looking for players who really want to help World Tavern Poker grow in their area! So please, only sign up for the WTP Bar Referral program if you are genuinely interested.


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