Jim Cunningham

Tavern TOC Champion

Win a Tavern TOC to compete for a $10,000 Main Event Seat!

The Tavern Tournament of Champions (TOC) rewards players with more starting chips based on their play throughout the season, and sends the winners to the Nationa TOC!

The National Tournament of Champions is an incredible event with 28 Major Event Seats on the line including two $10,000 Main Event Seats every year!

Tips For The Tournament Director


Use the seating assignments on the registration printout for this event. The assignments ensure that stack sizes are dispersed across the player field so that you are not stuck with one table of monster stacks and one with short stacks.


Chip Distribution

Make sure you're giving players their correct chip stack before they sit down. If you normally put the 10k base stack on the table for your players, you can give them their TOC extra chips before start time (however this may take longer).


Late Entries

TD's should approach the Tavern TOC the same way they do for a normal game. Consistency is always appreciated by players! This means getting games started on time, telling players what they are playing for before the game (announce drink & food specials for the night as well), and adhere to the same late policy as a normal game. This means if you let a player into your game 15 minutes late during the regular season, you should do the same for your Tavern TOC.


Blind Times

Do not feel rushed. This is a Championship event and warrants longer blind times. We do understand that blind times may be shorter at some events due to the size of the field, or a bar's hours of operation.


Feel Free To Ask For Help

For handing out chips and coloring up. Tavern TOC Night may feel a bit 'overwhelming' if it is your first time - but it's a lot of fun!


Speaking of fun...HAVE FUN!

Remember that World Tavern Poker is about having a great time playing a game that we love!

How It Works


Any player who earns a Top 3 finish during the Regular Season qualifies for that bar’s Tavern TOC.



Each ADDITIONAL Top 3 finish at that bar during the regular season earns you an additional 2,000 starting chips. This is a nice advantage over other players!


For example, if you came in the Top 3 four times during the season, you would receive your standard 10,000 in chips for the first qualification, AND an additional 6,000 chips for the other 3 qualifications, giving you a total starting chip stack of 16,000!


Starting Chips = 10,000 + (3* x 2,000) = 16,000 Chips


Remember: The more you play at that bar, the better your chance at winning the Tavern TOC!


Your Tournament Director will have a printout of the starting chip stacks for each player. Blind level times may be slightly longer for the Tavern TOC. The usual WTP blind levels should not change, however.





Those ranked in the Top 8 in their bar’s Best Customer ranking at the end of the season will receive a special card to be used during Tavern TOC's - as long as they qualified for this event!


-- Each of these players has 2 shots at seats, meaning even if they win this event on Tavern Championship night, they can participate again on Tavern TOC night.


-- The card-holder that lasts the longest (last one knocked out) in the Tavern TOC wins a seat to the National TOC Semi-Finals.


-- It does not matter if any of these players have already qualified for a National TOC event - they are still being recognized as a Best Customer in that bar.


-- TD's (those listed as TD #1) are not permitted to participate in Last Player Standing at their own bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Tavern TOC, what if we don't normally use starting stacks of 10,000?


First we strongly recommend you start most World Tavern tournaments with a MINIMUM of 10,000 chips as this is the standard for the league. However. in this situation you can simply add 20% in starting chips for each additional Top 3 finish that a player has.


Can I do regular bonus chips for the Tavern TOC? 


No! There should be no bonus chips for early registration or showing up early. This is a special Championship event.


How do I know if I qualified for a Tavern TOC?


You will receive an email from each location you have qualified for. You can also check your "My Events" tab on your WTP profile during Week 26 to see which venues you can participate in.


How do I know if I qualified for the Last Person Standing part of Tavern TOC Night?


CLICK THIS LINK and use the drop-down menus to check out your bar's Best Customer ranking. Remember, the Top 8 (and ties) qualify!


Click here to get more details on the Best Poker Customer program.


Do I have to register for games on Tavern TOC night?


You do NOT have to register for either the Tavern TOC or the Best Customer tournament, as those lists are filled with qualified players automatically.


If I already have a National TOC seat and I finish in the Top 3 in a Tavern TOC tournament, can I give it to someone else?


Absolutely not! National Championship seats are earned and are NON-TRANSFERABLE.


Is there another game on Tavern TOC Night?


No. There is only one game on Tavern TOC Night!


Tavern TOC - Week 26

For Season 1 - 2019, Tavern TOC week runs from Monday, August 5th through Sunday, August 11th.


The Tavern Tournament of Champions is an exciting event because each player starts with a different number of chips!


The more Top 3 finishes you have in that bar during the season, the more chips you are rewarded with.


The Top 3 players at the Tavern TOC will advance to the National TOC event at the 2019 WLPC, where 8 Major Event packages will be on the line including a $10,000 Main Event seat.


Please remember that you must be at least 21 years old by the National Tournament of Champions to play.




1st Place 

-- Seat in the National TOC Finals

-- Tournament of Champions Medallion


2nd Place

-- Seat in the National TOC Semi Finals


3rd Place

-- Seat in the National TOC Semi Finals

CONGRATS TO OUR CHAMPIONS! Check out the photos from Tavern and TOC Champ events from around the league - including Best Customers, Early Striker winners, and special award winners such as Most Wins and Cumulative Points!



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