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PokerMania Bracket Series!

PokerMania is a 3-week promotion of head-to-head (not heads-up) competition between players at your venue.

Just like the March Madness brackets, participating players will be matched against one another for a one-on-one Last Player Standing – with the winners moving on to the next round.

The Standard PokerMania Bracket will allow for 32 participants – which you can adjust accordingly. Players can be ‘seeded’ by their current Tavern Ranking or by a random draw.

The Series will take place over 3 weeks during the WTP season: Weeks 7, 8, and 9. This is optional but a GREAT way to spice up your games!

Each Night will be 2 rounds. The first round is played during the first game of the night, and the second round is played during second game.


If a player cannot attend that game, they forfeit and are eliminated. Please see the example below for a better explanation.

This event is for fun! The PokerMania Champion will receive a Champion Certificate via PDF where you can enter the Winner’s Name and the date of your event. As well, the bar can provide prizes like swag, discounts, or gift cards.

A Few Notes

The entire Series will last through Week 9 with the first game of the night (5 total rounds).

We designed one bracket for 32 players. If you have 16 players, just skip round 1. If you have more than 32, just do 2 divisions/brackets – winners would then be competing the following week.

If you have less than a full bracket, the top seeds are first to receive ‘byes’ into the next round.

If you play multiple nights, have multiple brackets!
Normal Bonus Chips should be in play – so it’s a great time to bring new players to the games.

PokerMania is completely optional, but the TD (or another player) must take the lead and update their brackets.


Players are encouraged to take photos of the bracket so you can keep up with who you might meet in future rounds. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Any player caught colluding with another will receive an automatic 90-day ban from the league. This is designed to be fun – let’s not ruin it!

NOTE: All The Rules are listed above. Any variations created by the TD (or Bracket Host) and should be addressed with them. If you contact us with any questions, we will only refer you back to this page.


Thank you!

Here's How To Play

Let's say your Venue averages 18 players each week – with a total of 26 Tavern-Ranked players. 

At the end of Week 6 (March 17th), the TD will fill in the bracket starting in the upper left corner slot (#1 ranked player) and working clockwise around. The Bracket will lead you along the way.

In Round 1, the #1 ranked player will be competing against #32 - whoever lasts longer in that tournament advances to Round #2. The losers are eliminated from the Bracket Challenge, but of course, can still play the bar's second game.


If you have any blank spots on your Bracket (for example - you have only 26 ranked players), then the opponent gets a 'bye' to the next round.


Week #7 - Rounds 1 & 2

Early Game = Round 1 / Late Game = Round 2

Week #8 - Rounds 3 & 4

Early Game = Round 3 / Late Game = Round 4 

Week #9 - Round 5 (and 6 if you have a 64-player bracket

Early Game = Round 5 (and 6 if applicable)



When you get down to your final 2 players, there are two options you can choose from (but announce this during Round 1):

Same Format: Continue with the regular tournament, and whoever lasts longer is the Champion!

Heads Up: You can set up a special event where the Final 2 players play an actual Heads Up Match against each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my TD doesn’t want to do it?

No worries. Chat with them and let them know you will take the lead on it. 

Are there any prizes?

That is up to the TD and the venue. We suggest a sizable gift card for the winner. 

Can players pitch in to get a prize?

ONLY if there is no cash value for the prize. A trophy would be a great grand prize! 

What if a player does not show up or play?

They forfeit their matchup and the other player who did play will advance. 

What if someone sits out for long periods of time to try to “game” the system?

Let’s use some common sense here. While sitting out is never a valid strategy in trying to win a game, some may think it’s wise to simply sit out/get up from the table and wait out your opponent so you can advance. If a player is repeatedly doing this on purpose, TD’s can remove from the bracket and their opponent will advance – but this should be only after warning players and this should be very rare! 

What if both players in a Matchup go out at the same time?

This works exactly as it would in a normal game. Whoever is scored in the worse finishing position is eliminated from the bracket with their opponent advancing. 

Does this qualify us for a seat into Nationals?

Not yet. We are using this initial series to see the response and learn where adjustments might be needed. In the future, you may see other qualifications stemming from these events. 



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