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 $100,000 in Cash & Prizes on the Line!

World Tavern Poker players compete for over $100,000 a year in cash and prizes, including a $10,000 Major Event seat and more. Be like National Champion Sheila Manning from Tennessee, who won the Season 1 2023 National Championship at OPEN 30 in 2023. She walked away with a $5,000 Major Event Package!


Qualify NOW for all of the WTP Championships - and this could be YOU!

The #1 Ranked Player at Your Bar

Season Points Champions advance to the Finals of the National Championship. Great players know that poker is a game of skill. Over time, skill prevails! Earning the title of Season Points Champ in a 24-week season proves that skill.


Do you have what it takes?   DETAILS

Week 25 - Tavern Championship

This is what you have been playing for all season! Will you become the next Tavern Champion at your bar, qualify for the National Championship Finals, and hold bragging rights over your friends and fellow poker players for the next 6 months?


Become a Tavern Champion this season!   DETAILS

Earn a Seat to the National TOC

All players play on Mid Season TOC Night! Earn Top 3 scores during the first 12 weeks and get extra chips for both games. The player with the most points in both games on Mid Season TOC Night earns a seat to the National TOC Finals!


Get your Top 3 finishes in now.   DETAILS

Week 26 - Top 3 Finishers Qualify

Tavern TOC's (always an exciting event) feature varying chip stacks based on Top 3 finishes throughout the season. The more Top 3 finishes you earn, the bigger your starting stack. Plus, the top players advance to the National TOC!


Take your shot at a $10,000 Main Event seat.   DETAILS

Are You The Best In Your Region?

Do you think you're the top player in your region? Well, it’s time to prove it! Players from across your area compete in this awesome event to advance to the National Championships, bring home great prizes, and become a Regional Champion.

Can you hang with the best in your area?   DETAILS

Win A $500 Package Each Month

The Online TOC runs every month via WTP Online. Finish in the Top 3 in any nightly game at your bar or in Online play, and you will be invited to play in the next month's event, where the winner earns a $500 Major Event package!

Ready for this winner-takes-all event?   DETAILS

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Tons of Cash & Prizes Every Year

The most rewarding World Tavern Poker event every season. With 3 levels (Quarter, Semi, and Finals) and big player fields, this is the most grueling test of your poker skills. The winner receives a $5,000 Major Event package, limited-edition watch, plaque, and the coveted title of National Champion.

Do you have what it takes?   DETAILS

Are You Ready For THE MAIN EVENT?

If you dream of playing for the big bucks in the WSOP Main Event, then this is your shot. Each year we award a $10,000 Major Event seat, plus other packages, through the National TOC. This is by far the most difficult World Tavern event to qualify for!

Ready to step up to the challenge?   DETAILS

The World Tavern Poker OPEN: Great Poker, Great Parties, GREAT PEOPLE!

Often referred to poker on Fireball, the famous World Tavern Poker OPEN brings you a series of cash tournaments and National Championship events held in Las Vegas every Autumn.


But it's not just about the poker. Hundreds of players from around the country (and the world!) join together to help create the world's biggest poker family. It's an event you just have to experience!


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