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If you have any questions, be sure to use the new WTP Help Center!

Qualification lists are located on the WTP Online website!


The Online TOC

Finish in the Top 3 at a WTP game - LIVE or ONLINE? Then you're qualified for the monthly Online TOC!


The Online TOC runs on the 15th of every month. That means if you have a Top 3 finish this month, you automatically qualify for next month's event.

The more you play at your local bar or in our Online league, the better your chances at qualifying!


See you at the tables!


The monthly Online TOC is a "Winner Takes All" event where the winner receives a $500 Major Event package!


Winners will be contacted by WTP Staff with info on how to claim your prize.

2024 Online TOC Winners

JANUARY:  Amy Dubolino, New Jersey

FEBRUARY:  Terry Hillestad, Wisconsin

MARCH:  Jonathan Hartsock, Virginia

APRIL:  Anthony Szymanski, Michigan

MAY:  Rance Strausbaugh, Pennsylvania

JUNE:  x

JULY:  x






How It Works

How To Qualify


Simply finish in the Top 3 at any LIVE or ONLINE WTP tournament and you qualify for the following month's Online TOC. This means if you earn a Top 3 finish in February, you qualify for March's Online TOC.


The Online TOC is held at 9:00pm EDT on the 15th of every month.



How To Sign Up for WTP Online


Don't have a WTP Online account?


Simply go to, click the Sign Up button, and choose to create a Free or PRO account. Follow the steps until your account is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: When creating a WTP Online account, enter your current WTP username as your WTP Online Player Name. Once complete, add your Online Player Name to your WTP player profile. This will ensure you receive points for non-championship Online games.

If you already have a WTP Online account, you're good to go!

How To Register for the Online TOC

Registration is available on the date of the Online TOC approximately 8 hours before game time.


Make sure you are qualified for the Online TOC - only those qualified will be able to register for this event. To see the full qualified player list, CLICK HERE (scroll to the Online TOC section).


After ensuring you're qualified, simply log into the WTP Online website, click the PLAY NOW button, and click the Tournament tab. Once the Online TOC event is listed and registration has opened, you may register.



What To Do Near Game Time


Make sure you are logged into the WTP Online game lobby at least 5 minutes prior to the 9:00pm EDT start time. If you have already registered, your tournament table will open the moment the game starts.

If the game doesn't automatically load, click the Tournament tab, highlight the Online TOC event, make sure you are registered, and then click the Take My Seat button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WTP Online software mobile friendly!

Yes! You can enjoy playing in the Online TOC on your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or most any other electronic device.

If I qualified, but can't play this month, can I play another month?


Unfortunately no. You can only play in the tournament you have qualified for.


Do I have to create a WTP Online to play in the Online TOC?


Yes. Please go to the WTP Online website (click here) and sign up for an account.

Do I need to have a PRO Online account to play in the Online TOC?

No. Players with Free WTP Online accounts can still play in the Online TOC events they qualify for. However, being a PRO gives you many more opportunities to win great prizes in our other Online events!

How can I check if I qualified for this month's Online TOC?


Visit the WTP Online page in the Champs & Prizes section (CLICK HERE) and scroll to the Online TOC section. The full qualified player list is located there.


I waited until the last minute. I can't log in, or I am not able to register even though I qualified. HELP?!?


Since the Online TOC takes place at 9:00pm EDT that night, we cannot guarantee your issue will be resolved in time. If you have a problem, PLEASE make every effort to contact us by 5pm ET on the day of the game!


I just won an Online TOC event. How do I claim my prize?


Congrats! You will receive an email with details on how to claim your prize.

Gameplay & Rules

Regular WTP rules regarding expected behavior of all players apply. Players that berate others or are being disruptive to the enjoyment of the game through the chat function will be given a warning to stop. If this behavior continues, they will be subject to removal from all WTP Online events.

All players will start with 15,000 chips. Blinds will run 12 minutes long, with 30 minutes of Late Registration available, and breaks every 5 levels. See the Tournament Lobby during the event for more information.

2023 Online TOC Winners

JANUARY:  Charles Koch, North Carolina

FEBRUARY:  Tina Calabro, New Jersey

MARCH:  John Gidada, Virginia

APRIL:  Richard Dulin, North Carolina

MAY:  Chris Riley, Maryland

JUNE:  Debra Connolly, Texas

JULY:  Ellen Stucker, Virginia

AUGUST:  Jeff Hunt, North Carolina

SEPTEMBER:  Roberta Mack, North Carolina

OCTOBER:  Jeff Harris, Virginia

NOVEMBER:  Susie Lillibridge, North Carolina

DECEMBER:  Joseph Whalen, North Carolina

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