The Monthly Online TOC is Postponed Until Further Notice.

The Online TOC

NOTICE: NLOP is best experienced on a laptop or desktop, as their website is not built for mobile devices (phones, tablets). You may still be able to play on such a device - however, you may experience compatibility issues when doing so.

Finish in the Top 3 at a WTP game? Then you're qualified for the monthly Online TOC on NLOP!


The Online TOC runs on the 15th of every month. That means if you have a Top 3 finish this month, you automatically qualify for next month's event.

The more you play at your local bar, the better your chances at qualifying!


If you have trouble logging in or accessing your account, contact NLOP through their website. Otherwise, email us at the address below - but please do NOT wait until the last minute.


See you at the tables!


The winner of each monthly Online TOC receives a $500 Major Event package! Winners will be contacted by WTP Staff with info on how to claim your prize.

We are discussing additional ways to reward players for their performance in Online TOC's. Stay tuned!

2020 Online TOC Winners

JANUARY:  Byron Gray, North Carolina

FEBRUARY:  Jim Muldoon, New York

MARCH:  Willie Long, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to play on my mobile device and I am getting disconnected or cannot see my cards. What should I do?

As stated​ above, NLOP is unfortunately not designed for mobile devices. You may have issues trying to play on such a device. For the best experience, we recommend playing on a laptop or desktop.

If I qualified, but can't play this month, can I play another month?


Unfortunately no. You can only play in the tournament you have qualified for.


Do I have to create an account on NLOP to play in the Online TOC?


Yes. Please go to the NLOP website (click here) and sign up for an account.


How can I check if I qualified for this month's Online TOC?


Simply go to your player profile on the World Tavern Poker website. Click the My Events tab, then click the "Past Tournaments" drop down menu. If you had a Top 3 finish in the previous month, you're qualified!


I waited until the day of the event. I can't log in, or I am not able to register even though I qualified. What do I do?


Since the Online TOC takes place at 9:00pm EDT that night, we cannot guarantee your issue will be resolved in time. PLEASE make every effort to contact us well before game time!


I just won an Online TOC event. How do I claim my prize?


Congrats! Just click here to send us an email and we'll be happy to discuss the options with you.

How It Works

How To Qualify


Simply finish in the Top 3 at any game at a WTP bar and you qualify for the following month's Online TOC. This means if you earn a Top 3 finish in January, you qualify for February's Online TOC.


The Online TOC is held at 9:00pm EDT on the 15th of every month.



How To Sign Up & Register


Registration is available approximately one week from the date of the Online TOC. Make sure your NLOP username and email address are listed in your WTP Player Profile. This ensures you receive email invitations from NLOP when registration is available.


STEP 1: After receiving the invite, go to the NLOP website, log in, and click the QUALIFY tab.


STEP 2: From there, scroll down the event list and you will see the monthly WTP Online TOC. Click register, and you're in!


If you do not see the Online TOC game, are unable to click the Register button, or do not receive the email invite, contact us immediately. Remember, registration is only available a week before the event!





1.  Go to the NLOP website (click here) and follow the steps to create an account.


2.  Go to the WTP website, log in, and add your new NLOP account info to your Player Profile.


3.  You will receive an email invite from NLOP as long as you add your NLOP account info to your WTP profile prior to the 5th of the month you've qualified for.



Send us an email requesting entry to the current month's Online TOC. We will reply with a password - you must still register for the game after entering this password.



How To Play


Simply log in to NLOP about 5 minutes prior to the 9:00pm EDT start time. Click the QUALIFY tab, and find the Online TOC game.

If the game doesn't automatically load, click the Tournament name and a prompt appears. Click the button to enter the game.

You must have pop-ups enabled while on NLOP or your game table may not open!

Gameplay & Rules

Regular WTP rules regarding expected behavior of all players apply. Players that berate others or are being disruptive to the enjoyment of the game through the chat function will be given a warning to stop. If this behavior continues, they will be subject to removal from all WTP Online events.

All players will start with 2,500 chips. Blinds will run 10 minutes long with breaks every 3 levels. See the Game Lobby in the tournament for more information.

2019 Online TOC Winners

JANUARY:  Bob Fink, Connecticut

FEBRUARY:  Chris Moody, North Carolina

MARCH:  Ash Nirody, New Jersey

APRIL:  Xiomara Marrero, New Jersey

MAY:  Michael Soto, New Jersey

JUNE:  Luke Spencer, Maryland

JULY:  Howie Zwiefel, North Carolina

AUGUST:  Avi Mizrahi, New York

SEPTEMBER:  Elaine Shumate, Virginia

OCTOBER:  Greg Bender, New Jersey

NOVEMBER:  Sue Beaudrow, New Jersey

DECEMBER:  David Bitler, North Carolina

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