The World Tavern Poker HALL OF FAME is the place to find the very best, from the very beginning of the league all the way up to the present day. Some of the most noted and accomplished players are honored here - a few even appear more than once!


To qualify for the Hall of Fame, you must be at least one of the following:


  • National Points Champion (in a Season)

  • National Cumulative Points Champion (in a Season)

  • National Veterans Points Champion (in a Season)

  • National Champion (won at the OPEN)

  • National TOC Champion (won at the OPEN)

  • World League Poker Champion (won at the WLPC)


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World Tavern Poker Hall of Fame Members




World Tavern Poker has more registered players (over 200,000 and counting!) than the populations of several big US cities, including Knoxville, Tallahassee, Salt Lake City, Providence (RI), and even Kansas City. If our players were a city, we would rank in the top 125 in terms of population in the United States!



The World League Poker Championship has grown every year since it began in 2014 (as the World Bar Poker Championship). Did you know that the 2014 WLPC Champion William McGrotty played 2015 WLPC Champion Jacob Miller heads up in a 2015 Regional Championship? Small world!



The World Tavern Poker version of the "Grand Slam" may be the most difficult thing to achieve for a player - no one has done it yet! To get there, a player would need to win a National Championship, National TOC, National Points, AND National Cumulative points. (Four players have won 2 of the 4 needed)



There are 14 states (and Great Britain!) represented in the World Tavern Poker Hall of Fame. At current count, North Carolina has 34 players in the Hall, while New Jersey (25), Maryland (25), Virginia (21), New York (9), Michigan (4), and Indiana (3) round out the top 6. Several states have 2 players listed, (NM, PA, TN, TX), and three states have 1 player (AK, CA, CT).



Christi Bowers (MD), Joe Motley (MD), Dave Andersen (NC), and Steve Vogel (NJ) have earned 3 Hall of Fame bids. Chester Benjamin (MD), Rodney Sams (MD), Russ Raynor (MD), Alan Fakhoury (NC), Joe Griener (NC), Jeff Hunt (NC), John Martin (NC), LaRetta Wager (NC), Al Shapiro (NJ), Mike Christy, Jr (NJ), Victor Alvarez (NJ), Bill Brox (NY), Jim McKnight (NY), William McGrotty (NY), Brandon Buschling (TN), Keith Foradori (VA), and Jeff Coon (VA) have earned 2 Hall bids.

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