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Season 2 - 2022 Mid-Season TOC Champion

Become a Champion at your Bar!

The Mid Season TOC Championships are exciting events held halfway through the season that ANYONE 21 years or older can play, yet still rewards players who have Top 3 finishes in tournaments held during the first 11 weeks.

Mid Season TOC's are held on Week 12 (Oct 23-29, 2023) for the current season.

Week 12 - Mid Season TOC Night

Mid Season TOC Championship Night is the Week 12 event where ALL PLAYERS play in 2 nightly tournaments at the bar to compete for 3 seats to the National Tournament of Champions!


Please read on for full details on this exciting event!





Mid-Season TOC Champion: Medallion and seat to the National TOC Finals!


Winner of Game #1: Seat to the National TOC Semi-Finals


Winner of Game #2: Seat to the National TOC Semi-Finals


The Mid Season TOC Medallion will be awarded to the Champion during Week 13 or 14 (the following weeks).

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How It Works



Any player that is 21 years or older can play on Mid Season TOC Night. However, players with Top 3 finishes in tournaments at that bar through Week 11 gain the advantage by earning extra starting chips for BOTH GAMES!


THE FORMAT (see rules for ties here)


The Mid Season TOC Champion will be the player who earns the MOST COMBINED POINTS from both games on Mid Season TOC Night!


This event will feature 2 tournaments at each WTP bar. All players begin with 10,000 starting chips for each game, and blinds will run similar to how they are during a normal WTP tournament.


There are no pre-registration bonus chips for Mid Season TOC tournaments.


However, for each time you earned a Top 3 finish in a tournament at that bar during the first 11 weeks, you get an additional 2,000 chips. This gives you a solid advantage over the other players!


Example: John Smith earned four Top 3 finishes over the first 11 weeks of the season. John would receive the standard 10,000 in chips PLUS an additional 8,000 chips for a total starting chip stack of 18,000 for both tournaments! 


Remember: The more you play at that bar over the first 11 weeks of the season, the more chips you start with and the better your chance at winning!

Mid Season Points Champion

Players who are ranked #1 at their bar through Week 11 will receive the Mid Season Points Champion medallion for their achievement.


Players can earn bragging rights by besting their fellow poker customers at the mid-way point of the season. Mid Season Points Champion medallions will be sent to all bars along with the Mid Season TOC medallion. Both will be awarded to the winners in the following weeks.

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Tips for the Tournament Director

Entering Scores & Awarding Prizes


Please enter scores promptly after the conclusion of your bar's Mid Season TOC Night. The player with the most combined points from both games is your Mid Season TOC Champion; the scoring system will generate the winner for you. Do not award the Mid Season TOC Medallion until your next scheduled night (Week 13 or 14).


In The Event Of A Tie


Note: If there is a tie for the Mid Season TOC Championship, both players qualify for the National TOC Finals. The following tiebreakers are for the Mid Season TOC medallion.


Tiebreaker #1: If two or more players tied for the Mid Season TOC Championship, but only one of them won a game, the player who won a game gets the Medallion.


Tiebreaker #2: If a tie still exists, the player with the highest point total from a single game on Mid Season TOC night gets the Medallion.


Tiebreaker #3: If a tie still exists (rare!), the remaining players compete in a best-of-three face-up game (no chips, cards dealt to the players face up, and the first to win two hands gets the Medallion). This is held on Week 13 or 14 during the 1st game of the night.


Late Entries


TD's: Run your championship events the same way you run a normal game. Consistency is appreciated by players! This means getting games started on time, telling players what they are playing for before the game (announce drink & food specials for the night as well). As always, please adhere to the standard late policy just like a normal game.


Seating & Player Chip Counts


Player chip counts for Mid Season TOC Night are system- generated and will appear on TD printouts. Use the seating assignments on the printouts for both games to ensure that stack sizes are dispersed across the player field. This will help avoid instances of one table of monster starting stacks and one with short starting stacks.


Blind Times


There are 2 tournaments on Mid Season TOC Night, so run your blinds just like you would for your normal games! We do understand, however, that blind times may be shorter at some locations due to the size of the field and/or time allotted to run tournaments.


Feel Free To Ask For Help


Ask trusted players for assistance in handing out chips and coloring up. There will be lots of extra chips in play for both games on Mid Season TOC Night. If you feel overwhelmed or it's your first 'championship' event as TD, don't be afraid to ask for help!


Have Fun!


Remember that World Tavern Poker is about having a great time playing a game that we love!

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't earn a Top 3 finish at my bar through Week 11. Can I play on Mid Season TOC Night?


YES! Mid Season TOC Night is open to ALL PLAYERS aged 21 and up, even if you haven't played at that bar this season.


I know who my Mid Season TOC Champion is. Can't I award the Medallion on Mid Season TOC Night?


NO! To be 100% sure, and especially in the case of ties, we want all TD's to enter scores from Mid Season TOC Night and then determine the Champion. Plus, awarding the medallion (and any other prizes the bar may be giving away) in the following weeks allows the TD to present the Champion with their award in front of more players!


What if we don't normally use starting stacks of 10k?


First, all tournaments should start with a MINIMUM of 10,000 chips as this is the standard for the league. However, if you start with more chips at your regular games, simply add 20% in starting chips for each additional Top 3 finish that a player has.


I'm not 21 years old. Can I play in this event?


Because this tournament qualifies players for National TOC events in a casino, you must be 21 years of age or older by November 2024 to play in this event.


Do players have to sign up online for games on Mid Season TOC Night?


We highly recommend it! Even if you have a Top 3 finish at that bar, register like you would for any other game.


Are there Bonus Chips for online signup or early arrival for the Mid Season TOC? 


No. There should be no bonus chips for registration or early arrival for this Championship event. You should still try to arrive early so that the TD can get all players registered and in their seats before game time (and to grab some food and drink of course!).

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