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Brand New Graphics For 2022/23

Impactful Marketing For Your Bar

Use the promotional marketing images offered below to help bring more players into your bar. Feel free to follow the advice and materials throughout this page to help grow your game and increase sales at your venue!


To save and use the materials below:


Step 1:  Find a gallery below and click on it to expand the images, or simply click the image to open a document in a new tab.

Step 2:  Right-click on the image and save it to your computer. For a PDF, just click the Save icon.

Step 3:  Share the images on Facebook using the recommended text and tips on this page. You can also print posters to put in your venue.


Helpful hint:  Save or create multiple images and graphics to keep your weekly Facebook posts fresh!

Facebook Banners

Need a Facebook banner designed specifically for your bar? Send us an email and we'll make one for you!

WTP Logos & Icons
Nightly Graphics
Facebook Marketing & Tips

There is no more cost-effective way to promote your poker night than on Facebook. Below are a few tips on getting the most out of your Facebook marketing.


Create or Join a Group: If you don't have a Facebook group for your venue or area, click here to learn how to create one. Check out this list of area groups and join today!


Post on your Bar's Facebook Page: Be sure ALL of the bar's weekly events are listed (poker, karaoke night, and other promotions). Ask your bar's staff - they may even make you an admin of their page.

Don't create a new "Page": Facebook pages are great for businesses and brands that use paid advertising or have big audiences. But creating a page for your game is ineffective, as Page posts are nearly 90% less likely to appear on your friend's newsfeeds. Stick to groups and post on your own timeline.


More Friends: Use your personal Facebook account to promote your poker night on your own timeline. Be sure to tag the venue in your post and add an exciting photo. Make it unique and exciting!

Post Often: You can never post too much on Facebook these days. To rise above hundreds of other posts, be sure to post often about your game. Stand out in a crowd!

Never "Ask" For Likes or Shares: On each post, be sure to include language such as "tell your friends". This encourages them to share it with others. But don't put "Share", "Like", or "Comment", as Facebook sees these as potential spam words and will reduce the reach of your posts.


Ask Questions: Questions will create more interaction on your posts (i.e. What is your favorite poker hand? or, What is your favorite drink at our bar?).

Tag, but don't tag everyone: Tag a few friends in your posts to grab their attention - but don't overdo it! If you constantly tag dozens of people in your post, Facebook will consider it spam and greatly reduce whom they serve that post to.


TD's Post:  Bar owners can often get bogged down with other parts of their business. Get your TD's involved by having them start their own Facebook marketing program to help build the crowds!


Keep It Going:  The most successful marketing programs are those that are ongoing. A person who may not see your poker event today may see it next week, or the next, or the next. So keep posting every week without hesitation.

Tournament Directors

TD's: Feel free to use the materials in this section for use in your games.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Top 20 Signout Sheet

Click here for Food & Drink Special sheets. Just print them out, write in the specials, and place them in your bar. It's that easy!

Use this card to present to the player who gets the Free Bar Seat to the Regional Championships. Please note that this card is not needed for entry into the event (TD's select the Free Bar Seat through their bar's WTP account).

All images, text and design of this website are protected by international and US copyright law and remain the property of World Tavern Entertainment, LLC. These images are intended for the use to promote World Tavern Entertainment. Any use of these materials outside this purpose are prohibited by law unless approved in writing by World Tavern Entertainment, LLC.

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