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We are excited to have you as part of the #1 Bar Poker League in the Country. This page is a quick guide to getting your poker promotion started with the biggest success possible.  Please take a few moments to go through the tips below.



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 1. Quick Training

We have developed a very quick, online training program to make sure that you better understand how to make this promotion a home run!  Simply click on the link below to schedule a time and day that is best for you.


2. Staff Meeting

It is imperative that you set up a quick staff meeting to share the details of the promotion and to work with your servers to maximize food & drink sales on poker night.


3. Food & Drink Specials

Remember, customers are there to play poker so don't give away the farm with your specials.  Think "poker related" items that work well for that environment;

  • Buckets of Beer

  • Shared Appetizers

  • Shot Specials (Royal Flush, etc.)

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4. Prizes

Giving back to those customers who are in your venue for 5-7 hours is a great way to get them back next week.  But think "Low Cost" such as a $10 Gift Card (tab) for 1st place and $5 for second place. This costs you very little but is a great reward for your customers.

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5. A Great Tournament Director

Your Tournament Director is the person who is running the game, PLEASE BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM.  Their goal is to not only run a great tournament but do bring in more customers and keep them coming back.  We recommend, at a minimum, giving them a $20 tab for the night, though if they are bringing in huge crowds, you should consider something even more.

Marketing, Marketing, and a little more Marketing

There is nothing more important to the success of your poker night than the marketing that is behind it. The more people that know about your poker promotion, the more butts in your bar seats. This entire section is filled with great tips to maximize your marketing strategy.

On-Premise Marketing

We are sending you a powerful marketing kit with Posters, Flyers and Info Cards, PLEASE PUT THEM OUT RIGHT AWAY!  


You would be amazed at how many people don't take the 15 minutes to do this, and their turnout suffers greatly because of it.

Tip: The Info Cards are fit perfectly in your check billfolds if you use them or in the stand we provided at your entrance.

TextureX Bamboo with marketing materials

Social Media/Facebook

We are designing you a custom Facebook Image with all of your details. PLEASE start posting and sharing on your Facebook page right away...and every week going forward.

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Website / Event Calendar

Add your Poker Night to your Website and you other Event Calendars.

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Event calendar created using the BarShift Point of Promotions Software. Click here for more details. 

The Better The Marketing, The More Successful The Promotion.

 We Are Always Here To Help!

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