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Complete! Dream Team Poker (11/9)

The Dream Team Poker tournament was just as wild and fun as the first incarnation at last year's event. This year, it was the team of Diane Webber, Robert Webber, Dick Macartney, and Lee Bradbury from North Carolina who took down the Team aspect of this tournament.

But because it is an individual tournament as well, Chris Hebert takes down the tournament plaque and the 1st place prize money.

The remaining 7 players left decided on a chop with Chris in the chip lead and the Team aspect already decided.

Here are the full results:

1 Chris Hebert 2 Lee Bradbury 3 Dick Macartney 4 Michael Ganey 5 Robert Lee 6 Robert White 7 Kenneth Rice 8 Virginia Seeger 9 Mike Hagemann 10 Joseph McCray 11 Michael Ward 12 Kathy Kennedy 13 Mark Haney 14 John Newton 15 Louise Naples


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