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National TOC Events (May 22-24)

The National Tournament of Champions took place over 2 events (Semifinals and Finals) at the OPEN 25 Silver Celebration. 436 players competed for the ultimate prize - a $10,000 Main Event seat!

In the end, only 8 could lay claim to a Major Event prize package (see full results below). But once play got down to 2 players, it was a heated battle that was waged for nearly 2 hours before a victor could be determined.

With a decisive chip advantage for most of the heads up match, it was JAMES PARKER from North Carolina who emerged with the victory, the trophy, and the $10,000 Main Event seat! James truly outlasted CARLOS DIAZ from New Jersey, who performed stoically but could not get past James' chip advantage.

Jonathan Greenfield and Justin Miller, both from New York, each grinded their way to 3rd and 4th place finishes, respectively.

AWESOME JOB everyone - here are the full results:

1. James Parker, NC

2. Carlos Diaz, NJ

3. Jonathan Greenfield, NY

4. Justin Miller, NY

5. JD Jones, MD

6. Earl King, DC

7. Butch Rupert, MD

8. Jason Billy, NY

9. Neil Brimat, NJ

10. Tim Weisenberger, MI

11 . Bill Brox, NY

12. Gary Kriksciun, NC

13. Stephen McCullen, MD

14. Monica Christian, MD

15. Kathy Huth, IN

16. Michael Harris, NC

17. Janet Cornetto, NJ

18. Domenick Fama, MD

19. Shaun McDermott, MA

20. Louis Stedronsky, MI

21 . Eric Morris, MD

22. Kelly Hess, PA

23. Carl Anderson, NC

24 . John Witzgall, PA


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