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Michigan Regional Championship

MI-Central East, MI-Central West, MI-North East, MI-South East

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Registration Opens:  11:00am

Tournament Starts:  12:00pm

TD: Sandy York

BackRoads Bar & Grill

15217 Apollo Drive

Holly, MI 48442

(248) 328-9175


Richard Stocker

Louis Stedronsky

Carolyn McCray

Regionals Overview

The Regional Championship brings together players from across your area for the shot at becoming the next Regional Champion.


This event is what you have been playing for all season! Enjoy great poker, party with your friends, and earn the opportunity to play in the ultimate World Tavern Poker tournament, the National Championships.


See you at the tables!

Venue Details

BackRoads Bar & Grill is a great location for the Michigan Regional Championship. There's plenty of room and it sits in a convenient location near the intersection of Holly Road and Grange Hall Road.


Get knocked out early? Stick around! BackRoads Bar & Grill is a great place with a great atmosphere to hang out with your WTP Family.


Food and Drink specials will be posted at the venue.

Event Schedule



11:00am: Registration Opens

Regional Championships are for qualified players only. You must be 21 years of age or older to play. Please have your photo ID with you.

11:45am: Registration Closes

12:00pm: Regional Championship Tournament

There will be Regional Awards and some brief announcements prior to start time.

TBA: Sit-N-Go Tournaments

Get KO'd from Regionals? Stick around for single-table events!

Regional Prizes

The Top 10% will receive winner certificates. No prizes of value can be awarded at this event due to Michigan state regulations.

Interactive Map

Use this map for directional assistance.

Season 1-2023 Winners



2. Louis Stedronsky
3. Carolyn McCray
4. Sherry Travis

Season 2-2022/23 Winners



2. Brian Krywko
3. Tim Weisenberger
4. Rachel Latour
5. Paula Skarsten

Previous Regional Champions

Season 1-2023:  RICHARD STOCKER

Season 2-2022/23:  SHERRY TRAVIS

Season 1-2022:  ANTHONY ADAMS

Season 2-2021/22:  DOLLI KETTRON

Season 2-2019/20:  JOHN COPENHAGEN

Season 1-2019:  JAMES YOUNG

Season 2-2018/19:  ANN HUGHES

Season 1-2018:  JOHN COPENHAGEN

Season 2-2017/18:  DELONIO SYKES


Season 2-2016/17:  RANDALL STRONG

Season 1-2016:  MICHAEL VANSAW

Season 2-2015/16:  LINDA SMITH

Season 1-2015:  KEN CORINO

Season 2-2014/15:  DUANE HUGHES

Participating WTP Bars

15th Street Tavern
B1 Tavern
B1 Tavern - Thursday
Backroads Bar and Grill
Breakers Topinabee
Riverfront Grille
The Wayland Hotel
The Wigwam
Wolvenwood Axe Bar, LLC

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