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PA-North West & Buffalo Regional Championships

Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Registration Opens:  11:30am

Tournament Starts:  1:00pm

TD: Debbie Bainbridge-Lindberg

Saga Club

3828 Washington Avenue

Erie, PA 16509

(814) 868-3312


Doug Lasky

Walter Olewine

Matthew Weaver


NY-West, PA-North West

Regionals Overview

The Regional Championship brings together players from across your area for the shot at becoming the next Regional Champion.


This event is what you have been playing for all season! Enjoy great poker, party with your friends, and earn the opportunity to play in the ultimate World Tavern Poker tournament, the National Championships.


See you at the tables!

Event Schedule



11:30am: Registration Opens

Regional Championships are for qualified players only. You must be 21 years of age or older to play. Please have your photo ID with you at registration.


12:45pm: Registration Closes


1:00pm: Regional Championship Tournament

Cards fly at 1:00pm sharp! There will be Regional Awards and some brief announcements prior to start time.

3:00pm: Dinner Break!

4:00pm: Sit-N-Go Tournaments

Single-table tournaments after you bust from Regionals - prizes may be available!

5:00pm: TD Smackdown Tournament

This event is for current and assistant TD's from Season 2 2023 at NY West and PA-North West bars to reward their hard work all season!

Regional Prizes

Prizes awarded at this Regional Championship include:

1st PLACE: 3 Nights Hotel & 1 Access Pass to OPEN 31

2nd PLACE: 2 Access Passes to OPEN 31

3rd, 4th PLACE: 1 Access Pass to OPEN 31

The Top 10% of the player field earn seats to the National Championship Finals at OPEN 31 this November.

Season 2-2023/24 Winners


2. Walter Olewine
3. Matthew Weaver
4. Ronald Gaczkowski
5. Vince Smith
6. Bob Boesl

Season 1-2023 Winners


2. William Stutz
3. Ronald Gaczkowski
4. Rob Todoro
5. Tom Thompson

Venue Details

Saga Club in Erie is a great location for the NY West/PA North West Regional Championship. Saga Club has great food options, plenty of room, and sits in a convenient location just off Interstate 79 in southwest Erie.


Get knocked out early? Stick around for plenty of sports action on TV, cold beers on tap, and a great atmosphere to hang out with your WTP Family. $2.75 Well Drinks will be available!

Interactive Map

Use this map for directional assistance.

Participating WTP Bars

Coach's Sports Bar
Franklin War Vets Inc
Nickel City Brewz
Saga Club
Saga Club - Tuesday
Transit Music Lounge

Previous Regional Champions

Season 2-2023/24:  DOUG LASKY

Season 1-2023:  DARLENE KEBERLE

Season 2-2022/23:  DAWN SPINK

Season 1-2022:  CHRIS PAWENSKI

Season 2-2021/22:  BOB KENEFIC

Season 2-2019/20:  ANTON SHELTON

Season 1-2019:  GEORGE BARTON

Season 2-2018/19:  MICKEY PAWENSKI

Season 1-2018:  ELAINE PUGH

Season 2-2017/18:  ANDREW THOMPSON

Season 1-2017:  JIM MULDOON

Season 2-2016/17:  ANTON SHELTON

Season 1-2016:  GARY ROSS

Season 2-2015/16:  JOHN KACZMARSKI

Season 1-2015:  BILL LAMPHIER

Season 2-2014/15:  AMY BARISH

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