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Let’s Rock The Vote!

Below are two options for our Spring Championships. Remember, your vote will determine which ONE of these events that will be chosen!

Be sure to watch the video and read both options all the way through – when you are ready, click on the link at the bottom to cast your vote!

Option 1


This June, join us in Las Vegas for the first ever Spring WTP Open in Sin City!

  • 5 Days and 5 nights of poker and partying in Vegas

  • 12 Cash Tournaments

  • 2 Championships

  • 1 Unbelievable Time

Everything you love about a World Tavern Poker OPEN will be happening - Vegas Style! 

Plus! We will be there during the World Series Of Poker!


Will there still be an WTP OPEN / WLPC in November in Las Vegas?

Yes! We will be back at The Orleans in early November.


When will dates be set for this Spring Event?

Within 10 days after confirmation that this option has won.

If this Option wins, but I cannot go, can I carry over my Qualifications to November?

Yes, we will allow carry overs from Season 2 – 2022 qualifications only. However, any “carryover” qualifications remaining after last year’s WLPC (from the pandemic) MUST be used for the Spring OPEN event – they will not carry through to November!

Option 2


Qualify for the unique Final 64 Championships and your shot at $25,000 in Major Event Packages.

All National Champ Final and TOC Final Qualifiers will be able to participate in this new format. If you have BOTH Finals Qualifications, you will have TWO SHOTS to advance.

  • 8 Online Tournaments 

  • Top 8 from each will advance to The Final 64 Championship

  • The Final 64 Championship will be played this November, in Las Vegas, during the WTP OPEN

  • The Top 24 from the Championship will be 'In The Money' and share in the $25,000 prize pool


Does this Championship replace the National Champ/TOC events this November?

No. The Final 64 Championship will be a unique event and will not be scheduled on the days of the National Championships or TOC.

What if I have a National Champ/TOC Semi-Final Qualification?

We will hold 1-2 separate Semi-Final Online Events. Finish Top 2 at your table and advance to the Finals.

Is there any cost to play in these Sofa to Sin City online tournaments?

No. These are completely free to play – but are only open to qualified players.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and log into your WTP player account to access the poll. Voting will be open from Monday, February 20th through Thursday, March 2nd. Thank you!

Note: In the case the final votes are within 3% points of each other (virtually a tie), the team in our office will cast the deciding vote(s).

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